5 Reasons why God says “Keep writing”

Writing is, without a doubt, not just a hobby, but a purpose to me. I believe with all my heart it’s how God meant for me to minister. I should never be confused, then, when God’s answer to some of my questions is always, “Keep writing.” Sometimes my question will have nothing to do with writing, and I get frustrated. But overtime I’ve discovered another reason and another reason of why it’s often the perfect answer:

  1. I feel closest to him when I write. Writing is another way of worship for me.
  2. It’s a healthy escape from the world and my troubles. God knows that sometimes the answer is I need to give it to him and get away, and I can do that through writing.
  3. It’s my destiny to be a writer, and so what better way to progress than to write? God’s a practical God, and he knows that the best way for me to get closer to my destiny is to develop my skills!
  4. It’s often an answer to, “What do I do, God?” In the moment, writing does not look like it’s going to solve the problem, but according to the reasons above, it actually is!
  5. That’s all I have to worry about doing; he’s got the rest. When God says, “Just write,” he’s telling me, “You just go do that. I’ll take care of everything else.” When I realize that I all need to do is put words to paper, everything makes sense.

Is there a common answer God keeps giving you, an answer that doesn’t seem like the right one? What about this answer have you discovered? How is it actually the right answer that you need to hear?


Do what makes you forget the world

Have you ever been doing something, some activity or hobby, that makes everything in the background practically fade out of existence for a while and your mind to forget anything and everything except what you are doing right now in that moment? And you didn’t notice it was happening until you paused and suddenly life leaped out at you?

You can probably name one particular activity that puts you in that state of ecstasy. I have a few.

The biggest one is (surprise!) writing. But not just any writing. It’s when I’m creatively writing; fiction, short stories, poetry, skits and dramas. My head gets filled with imagination and I love, love, love how my current troubles melt away for a time.

Another activity for me is crafting. The moments when I was at my desk making handmade Christmas gifts for my family or decorating journals was some of the most peaceful moments I’ve ever had.

When I’m hiking and exploring and climbing, I am so swept up in the adventure the rest of the earth pauses and only resumes when I come back to normal life. Not to mention the physical activity feels amazing!

Reading. Oh, thank you, Lord, for books! And I imagine it’s a common thing that helps people forget the world, but I’m among them.


Getting away from the world now and then is healthy, and you don’t have to go somewhere or hide away in a remote place to do it. It can happen right where you are. Recognize those hobbies and activities that make you feel free and escape through them. When you’re beginning to feel the tremors of hardship, stop and go bake cookies, or dance, or play the piano, or take a walk, or research an interest, or take photos, or make origami animals, or string jewelry, or shoot some hoops, or read to children, or whatever makes the background fade away, the troubles melt, and your mind hone in.