Starting and Stopping Habits and Pressing On…

Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for. Why?

Today I decided to begin a thirty day system of starting/stopping habits. I listed out some things I want to start doing, or stop doing, on a regular basis, and then picked one to focus on. Today I began a process of going thirty days without watching Netflix or Youtube (the Youtube that I waste my time on), and instead during that time read, or at least do something productive.

Perhaps you’ve heard this kind of story so many times. Someone decides to start/stop a habit, has a plan, and then fails. Well, perhaps I will, perhaps I won’t. I do know that if I slip just one day, then I have to start all over. I haven’t yet thought of a good motivational reward, but I don’t even think I need one. The point is, I probably have a 50/50 chance of failing, but I’m trying…again. We’ve all attempted several times over to start/stop something, but the point is to keep going. Not keep trying, but keep going. 

Today is also a day I learn that I’m making a C in Statistics. Yes, I’m not failing like I thought I was. This C is ugly to look at, but so far i’ve made a C in a class during my time at community college, and so, especially for a math class, this is is not as terrifying as I likely would have thought back in high school (boy, is there a difference…).

What is it about today? It’s another day of getting back up again and claiming inspiration. For the time being that seems to be my every day, but I’ve learned something: I can’t stop. Even when I consciously try, insisting that it’s over, it seems my inner self goes, “Heck no! I’m not done yet.” And so I press on, in that good race….

Why is today a day you’ve been waiting for?


A Poem A Day #511

Something about Today

There’s something about today
That made my heart sing.
Perhaps the iridescent glow
Of a purity ring.
Perhaps the tremor of the hard drive,
A buzz that doesn’t cease,
Which I kick with my foot
To get just a little bit of peace.
Perhaps it’s the ache for a smile
Of a person I miss.
Sometimes I sit back in my chair
And I reminisce.
Perhaps it was the “Good morning, Beautiful”
That dinged on my phone.
I smiled like a fool,
But only when I was alone.
Perhaps I remembered
A sad dream from long ago.
I choked back a lump
That only seemed to grow.
Perhaps it was the scent
Of vanilla and lemonade,
Or the fact that instead of going,
I came back and stayed.
There’s something about today
That made my heart sing.
But it’s the type of song
That means everything.

By Catherine Joy

Today’s the Day you’ve been waiting for…

Today’s is the day you’ve been waiting for. Now make a reason why. -Catherine Joy Gregoire

“Today’s the Day” is a campaign to inspire others to make the best of each day, notice the beautiful little details, and appreciate the process of the day-by-day. It’s meant to motivate others to live in the Now and find beauty in the Present.

Hello, friends! This is a new page I’ve started. It originally began as a whole other blog, but I realized that that was too much and too unnecessary, so for now I’m going to keep things in the Merely Inspired family. This is mostly a project for myself and coming from myself, but like everything at Merely Inspired I have the goal to inspire you along with me. With my habit of living in the future too much, I always try to find ways to keep myself focused on the present and enjoy what is happening right now. Today’s the Day helps me do that. I hope it can help you do so too. I’d love for this particular page to be interactive, sharing and connecting others’ stories and “reason why’s.” If you ever have anything to share, feel free to comment, or even message if you desire to guest blog! I want to hear from you, and share in this journey together 🙂