10 Thoughts you’ll Encounter While Pursuing your Dream

10 Thoughts you’ll Encounter While Pursuing your Dream

As you go about making your dream a reality, there will always be certain thoughts that cross your mind, bringing in doubt, fear, and discouragement. But they’re just thoughts, and we can’t trust our thoughts. Your head likes to mess with you, especially when it comes to the thing you love. These thoughts will likely stumble into your brain at some point, but there’s no need to dwell on them.

  1. “I’m too young.”

1 Timothy 4:12 says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” So what if you’re still a minor? You should be working on your dream right now. There are dozens of success stories of people 18 or younger achieving amazing things. Age is irrelevant when it comes to achieving dreams.

2. “I’m too old.”

My favorite author C.S. Lewis said, “You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” Did you know he was in his 50s when he wrote the first Narnia novel? And he actually first had conceptual ideas for it back at the age of 16, but he did not begin writing it until much later. Considered his greatest literary achievement, amongst others, that’s an inspiring story. Once again, age is irrelevant to dreams.

3. “I’m running out of time.”

How, exactly? Because you’re growing up? Because you’ve created imaginary deadlines? Because your achievement date doesn’t match that of your peers? No, you’re not running out of time. And you better be pacing yourself.

4. “I took too long.”

I recently came across a post that I then shared on social media because it spoke so personally to me: “Just because you took longer than others, doesn’t mean you failed. Remember that.” Remember that, indeed.

5. “I should have done it like the others.”

No, you are not them. They are not you. Your path is different. Something I always say: “There are many different paths to the same goal.” Just because you’re doing things differently from everyone else doesn’t mean you won’t achieve the same thing. Stop comparing yourself.

6. “I missed my chance.”

Doors open and doors close. They also open again. If you missed something, then something else will come along. It may change up your path a little, but like I said, there are many different paths to the same goal.

7. “I chose wrong.”

If it’s what you love to do, then you did not choose wrong. If you’re basing this off of the monetary success, well, DON’T! If your goal is to make money, well then, I hope you chose a path that made sense for that.

8. “I’m not skilled at this.”

If you’re passionate about it, then you will get good at it. Truly, ability should come naturally with passion, so perhaps you’re just underestimating your skills.

9. “I know nothing.”

Well of course, you’re still learning! That’s what studying is for! This is such a silly notion. If you’re passionate about it, the studying part will just be part of the fun.

10. “What the heck am I doing?”

Oh, we all think this, of everything. At least you’re doing something. So what if you have no idea? You’ll learn by trial and error. There’s no greater teacher. Let this thought slip away and laugh it off.

5 Things that may benefit your dream

5 Things that may benefit your dream

Regardless of what dream you have, there are some things we can all do that will benefit the accomplishment of that dream. Here are few things that you can do that just might help you get a little closer:

  1. Educate yourself. It doesn’t necessarily have to be going to college. With the amount of resources available to us right at our fingertips, you can teach yourself anything. Jump online, read a book, or find an expert, and study up.
  2. Learn a secondary trade. For the sake of becoming more rounded, get good at something other than your dream. Not only will you have something to fall back on, being knowledgeable in other areas opens up more opportunities for you.
  3. Develop your reading and writing skills. Even if your dream job has nothing to do with words of any kind, having good writing skills will always, always be needed, especially in the beginning stages. You’ll be writing lots of stuff to lots of people to land those golden opportunities, so always be developing your skills.
  4. Stay active. I don’t mean physically, although that would also be a very good thing to keep up. I mean socially, economically, culturally, and environmentally. If you find yourself living a circle kind of pattern, find something new to get involved in. It doesn’t have to be longterm. And if you have an idea, act on it. If it fails, move on to a new one.
  5. Do what builds your confidence. If baking cookies makes you feel confident, or shooting hoops, or singing music covers, or critiquing movies, or framing photos, you name it! do it. Confidence will benefit everything about you, not just your dream.

There’s much more you can do to help make your dream a reality. What do you do to achieve your dream?

The value of “How can I make it better?”

The value of “How can I make it better?”

If we ever want to advance anywhere, we must have a teachable spirit. And we must be a good teacher to ourselves.

With everything I do, I’m always thinking deep in my subconscious, “how can I do it better?” People have called me the energizer bunny; I can’t seem to quit. Even when I have my dark moments and feel like everything is hopeless and I’m screwing everything up, I end up back on my feet and trying again. I’ve literally even tried quitting, and it didn’t last long. And the question that is not too far off when I dry my eyes and re-open the door is: how can I make it better now?

I love this about myself. It has gotten me places. I love that I’m always thinking about this question. It’s a valuable feature that anyone can adopt. When I think, “how can i make it better?” you know what happens? Things get better. My skills improve because I search for ways to improve them. With writing alone, I can see the change of quality since I started back in seventh grade. I don’t like to read my stuff from back then because it’s rubbish! As I read books, I pay close attention to what the author did well and what I think is not so well. I make mental notes: “I can see these places. I need to use more imagery and description in my writing.” “I think they use too many adjectives. I’ll take note of that.” “Paragraphs breaks make a big difference.” “I’m gonna remember to use that sentence structure.”

When it comes to crafting, I take note of what can bring down the quality. Glueing isn’t so good? I invest in better glue and study up on some tips. Stenciling isn’t so good? Practice stenciling. Or maybe use a different method for lettering, one that is cleaner and simpler. Paper keeps coming off? I just brainstormed a method to wrap the paper around the edges, reinforcing its strength. Journal looks cheap from the back? I start covering the back as well.

My skills with social media managing have really advanced. I spend hours researching and reading articles and resources that I apply to my work. Since then I’ve developed the ability to create social media editorial calendars and schedules for businesses and organizations and whatnot. I even do it for myself. I believe I can do better if I know ROI and URL. I search for classes, I find free resources, I teach myself.

I do it with my classes. I struggle with listening comprehension with language? I ask my teacher for ways I can work on that. I listen to foreign films and music, I ask someone to practice a conversation with me. I update my study method if it’s not working for me. How can I do it better?

Even with random hobbies that I dabble in, I think with this question. For example, I love rollerskating. I’m having a hard time with the turns? I watch the more advanced people and observe what they do. And then I teach myself. I enjoy singing. I can’t hold a note? I ask an expert and practice breathing. It’s not even important to me, but the whole goal is, How can I make it better?

Practice having this question in your thoughts. It gives way to creativity and innovation. It makes you a valuable player. People will notice and will want you in the work field.

Think of one thing that you want to advance in. Now, how can you make it better?