5 Moments that gave me an Inspiration Surge

5 Moments that gave me an Inspiration Surge

We can’t easily forget those moments, when something or someone so deeply inspired us that it birthed an idea in our minds or changed our way of thinking or made us take action. I’ll bet you can name one significant event. Let me share five.

  1. The day I watched The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I saw the first Chronicles of Narnia movie when it came out in 2005 before I even knew about the books. It was thanks to my brother who expressed enthusiasm for this unbeknownst story, and his insistence of me reading the books. I saw the movie, and I fell in love. “What is this story?” I asked my brother. He gave me his big fat copy of all seven books when we got home, and that was the start of a lifelong infatuation with Narnia and C.S. Lewis. And this was all before I discovered I wanted to write just like him…
  2. The first day of seventh grade English. My teacher, still a good friend and inspiration to this day, welcomed us to her class, and then ordered us to take out a pencil and paper. We were to write in silence for five minutes. We couldn’t stop, and we couldn’t erase. If we had nothing to write, then we wrote don’t know what to write over and over. When the timer began, I was thinking about The Legend of Zelda. I would watch my brother play the games, and he had recently finished Ocarina of Time.  So, in those five minutes, I wrote a short story about Link and the little MarketTown of Hyrule. That was the story that, at the end of the five minutes, I leaned back from and stared at with a tingling sense of awe. It was the moment I realized, I loved that. 
  3. When I heard my fourth grade teacher had said, “she’s going to be a writer.” My fourth grade teacher (who was also my second grade teacher) was another teacher that made a mark on my life. She saw the gift in me first, years before it came up on its own. I didn’t know she said this until years later, because she wrote it in a letter to my mom. It was confirmation to me, and a surge that kept me going.
  4. After I cried on the bathroom floor while healing from a broken back. There was a point during that season when I feared that I would never run or dance or climb ever again that I broke down in the bathroom. My mom found me and prayed over me. Something changed after that day. My attitude toward my injury shifted. I began to see the opportunities that lay in wait. And when God let me know, “Even if you were paralyzed, you’d still be able to fulfill your purpose,” it was all different after that. I thanked God I wasn’t an athlete.
  5. December 31, 2015. I made the decision to quit a previous position this day, and though the process was hard, I relished the feeling of a fresh start when it came to pass. It was a great way to launch the year of Independence with a reassuring message that I can move my feet and not make an earthquake if I didn’t want to. I can move my feet and make a path appear.

What are some unique significant moments that inspired you and made a little change in your life? What event gave you a surge of Inspiration?

Being Busy does not equal Faster Achievement

Being Busy does not equal Faster Achievement

I am not the best multi-tasker. When there’s more than three things going on in my life at once, I usually get overwhelmed and shut down. I like to take things one at a time. And, yet, I tell people that I’m a person who likes to be busy. How does that factor?

I do like activity. That’s why I’m a city girl. I find the noise and activity exciting and exhilarating. I am not a social butterfly, but I am not a homebody. I go crazy being in the house for too many days together. I also go crazy being around people for too long. Either I have a healthy balance or I’m a walking contradiction.

But here’s one thing I’ve learned from all this talk of busyness and activity and tasks: being busy does not equal achievement. It definitely doesn’t equal faster achievement. I’ve seen too much busyness in my life, including from myself, that may have kept a place standing but did not keep it growing. We are not meant to stand still; we are meant to grow, change, adapt. It makes sense why we crave to be busy. It is culturally seen as synonymous with getting things done. And it does get things done, but that’s all it does. Things get done, but nothing really happens. The greatest achievement being busy can achieve is getting us through another week. If that’s all we do, then that’s all we’ll achieve.

Every person that I have encountered that is a jack-of-all-trades kind of person tell me the same thing: they wish they weren’t. They would rather be someone who is really great at one or two things than good at all things. It leads to confusion and lack-of-purpose syndrome. But they can be that person if they hone in on that one thing that they really, truly, enjoy and wish to pursue. Doing many different things may make you well rounded, but it slows down the process of achieving a single, stand-out purpose.

What do you really, really want to do? Who do you really, really want to be? There can only be one answer. It’s a new year, and maybe instead of being busy, perhaps let go of a few extra things that add to the busyness and pursue a single, significant achievement that will result in growth and change. Basically, if some growth hasn’t happened, then it’s time to move on. You can achieve more.