If you want to be inspired, hang around these people

If you want to be inspired, hang around these people

Whether we will it or not, the environment we surround ourselves with, the peers we connect with, heavily influence our creativity, productivity, and attitude. You’ve probably already been told a million times who NOT to hang out with, but as a creative who desires to be inspired for their art, who do you hang out with?

  • Someone who has had an adventure

This is the person who perhaps lived in another city for a time or went on a hike or vacationed to a foreign country or studied abroad or pursued a business endeavor or what-have-you. Even if their adventure wasn’t particularly successful, this is someone who isn’t afraid of trying new things, finds excitement in the unfamiliar, and can be some strong motivation for you to go on your own adventures.

  • Someone who is fiercely independent

Hanging around people who won’t take action to move out of mom and dad’s house is going to hold you back. An independent person who has had experiences will influence you to make some confident, independent decisions, perhaps the same ones that helped them get out the door.

  • Someone who knows people

It’s not unwise to actively seek out people who have valuable connections that can benefit your career. This is someone who is probably more social than you, someone who makes friends easily and is likable, which will make you likable. Those who work in creative industries know that connections are the life of artistic success.

  • Someone who has strong opinions

We don’t usually care for opinionated people, as they can at times be annoyingly stubborn and arrogant. However, someone with strong opinions is a greater influence than someone who is ambiguous and indifferent. They are much more likely to be listened to, and they emit a personality of self-confidence and morality. They can be the person who points out flaws in your plans that you are otherwise biased about and provide constructive criticism, which could help you make smarter decisions. It must be someone you trust very deeply, else their opinions will go unheeded.

  • Someone who is moved by aesthetic experiences

People who admire and appreciate beauty in different forms are extraordinarily deep and creative individuals who are not only pleasing to be around but are contagious of passion. Hang around someone who notices the architectural details of an old house or who wonders at the natural causes of a geographical monument or who enjoys breaking down the aspects of a good film.

  • Someone who participates in a physical hobby

Even if it’s just working out, a person who spends time being active for fun as well as health is overall a more productive, more positive person. And they may influence you to take up a sport as well.

  • Someone who is not affected by chaos

NOT someone who creates chaos (no one needs that in their life). This is someone who is strong-willed and is not easily upset by unstable environments. Whether they truly are unmoved or are just extremely good at faking calm, they’ll keep your feet on the ground in stressful situations.

  • Someone who is not easily offended

Name-calling, stereotyping, and difference of opinions goes over this person’s head. They hold their own beliefs and standards while not pushing it on others, at the same time being unconcerned with what others think.

  • Someone who is exceptionally intuitive

They can be a little scary, but you’ll appreciate having someone in your life who can read you and know what’s on your mind before you even speak. They’re like a psychic without all the weird supernatural stuff. They just know you that well. Hang around someone who knows how to point out what needs pointing out as well as holding back for the sake of better timing.


Surrounding ourselves with the right formula of environment can make or break a career, can make us a positive or negative person, and can open up opportunities that wouldn’t have been available in a different place. The people, most of all, influence the strongest. If your crowd is not inspiring you, then it’s time to make some new friends.



Today’s the Day…Proverbs 29:25

Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety.-Proverbs 29:25

Being afraid of people and their opinions really do trap you. Perhaps, today, allow a little bit of yourself out, disregarding what others think of it. Notice the sudden sense of freedom…

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Now make a reason why.

A Poem A Day #518

The Stories of People

There is joy in the glitter
While there is doubt in the plain.
They rejoice in the splendid
And fear the mundane.
They make the magnificent stories
Worthwhile to read,
While there are simpler stories about,
In much greater need
To be known amongst all,
For these are the stories
That tell the stories of people;
The drudgeries of life,
The works of the feeble.
Too often we seem
To notice the gold,
When there is so much more worth
In the stories that told
Of the people that suffered,
Or maybe did nothing at all.
These stories said something:
Some rise, some fall.
Life isn’t perfect,
That’s what these stories tell.
They remind us that there is heaven,
And there is hell.

By Catherine Joy

A Poem A Day #459

A Day to Myself

I once spent a day to myself,
And it was a day I’ll remember.
I was ill, and happy.
My head swarmed with heat,
But there was nothing necessarily 
Wrong with me.
I forgot, for a few hours,
What the sun felt like,
What the wind did to your hair
When it was loose and free.
I was trapped;
Nowhere to go, and no one to see.
I would sit, sit, sit,
And stare at the clock on my phone
Until it was time to take another
Pain pill. 
I was ill, and happy. 
And by five I was unhappy.
That was enough escape.
I needed people.

By Catherine Joy