A Poem A Day #318

What does a Photo capture?

In four little corners
There is held a number of tales;
Stories, adventure,
Past and present fails.
What does a photo capture?
Frozen moments in time,
Cold or warm memories
That are once again mine.
What is it meant for?
To reveal earth’s beauty,
Or perhaps to reveal
The truth of one’s duty?
A reminder is held
At four little ends
Of who once were enemies
And who now are friends.
Thoughts and ideas,
A secret message told.
Yes, there are many mysteries
That a photo can hold.
What sort of feeling
Does this photo contain?
Does it capture my happiness,
Or does it capture my pain?
In a photograph,
love and art can thrive.
In a photograph,
History comes alive.
So, what does a photo capture?
In just four little edges,
There is captured a life,
And life’s small pledges.

By Catherine Joy