A Poem A Week #21

A Poem A Week #21

What is the Wind?

What is the wind?
The formless breath of God
Or the whispers of my prayers
That I speak aloud
To the day?
Is it the voice of flowers
Singing a tune
For the bees on a spring day,
Or a song of longing
As they wait for winter’s grasp
To loosen and decay?
Is it the way the Earth touches
To feel what my skin and hair
Are like, the way it caresses
So as to know
How soft a human cheek is?
Is it the waves of the clouds
As they skim over the ocean
Of the sky, billowing,
Making the swoosh sound
That slides past my ear
As the wind passes by?
What is the wind?
What is this invisible strength
That pushes and hugs?
What is this mystery
That traverses the world
And yet stops to say hello
To me, in my little corner?
Is this love?

by Catherine Joy


When it was about to rain Part 1

It’s been a while. I’m intending to get back into writing. As such, every Thursday I will post a piece of writing. Here is a little piece of something so far…enjoy 🙂

There it was again. That ache in the spot above my left hip. I sighed deeply. I was watching my life slip away before me. It wasn’t so much that it was falling apart; rather, it was being pricked, like a sewing pillow. And you can only prick a sewing pillow so much before it begins to look like it shouldn’t.

It was raining that day. No, actually, it was about to rain. Yes. I always remembered when it was about to rain. It was something in the change of atmosphere, the way the wind blistered with the very faintest of chills, so very faint that you felt as though you were being washed over with a bath of rose petals. And the way the sky glimmered with this kind of hope that only the earth could understand, because humans were not simple enough to understand it. And I would always remember how the spot above my left hip ached, as if there was a very small baby inside, trying to push its way out the wrong way. It was always a strange moment, when the world stopped turning, and everything was quiet. Somehow, everything always knew when it was about to rain.

What do you think so far?

That Beautiful Moment



That Beautiful Moment

There was this moment

When the earth stood still.

I thought I had seen it all,

That is, until,

This one little moment

Made me whole world,

This moment that a child,

All bundled and curled,

Was asleep in my arms,

And in that moment I felt

That this tiny little heart

Had made my heart melt.

I was reminded that day

That these moments aren’t long.

They’re sudden and swift

And often get lost in the throng

Of everyday tasks

And the mundane daily grind.

What this little heart taught me

Was not to be blind

To that beautiful moment

That passes so fast.

If I choose to remember,

Then that moment will last.

By Catherine Joy