A Poem A Day #487

Out in the chill air,
I have come to discover
The beauty of cold.

By Catherine Joy


5 Things I love about D.C. (and the surrounding areas)

Being in Arlington, Virginia, and so close to Washington D.C., has been a nice experience so far. I knew I would enjoy being in this particular location; it was inevitable. There are many things I love about cities like this, and here are 5 particulars:

  1. Lots of walking. I love to walk! If I can get somewhere on foot, I will. When so many things are within the reach of a few steps, I am happy. I once spent an hour walking across D.C. to get to the White House from the Library of Congress, just because I felt like walking. It was the best part 🙂
  2. History everywhere. Even the houses are full of history! I geek out when I go down the neighborhood streets because the houses are so adorably colonial. Let’s not forget the plethora of museums and monuments.
  3. Riding the metro. A Texan doesn’t get to use something as convenient as the metro everyday (and I wish I did). It’s fun! Especially when you know how to use it 😉
  4. Each city is a place of it’s own. I was recently in Georgetown for the first time, and that’s when I decided it was useless to have a favorite city. All of them are so pleasant and fun and beautiful on it’s own. However, I might say that Alexandria has a special place in my heart….
  5. The weather. When you’re from Texas, the only season you’re remotely familiar with is summer. And a hot summer. Here on the East Coast, all four seasons exist. Being someone who prefers the cold weather, I’m happy to experience a real, sincere autumn and winter for once.