21 Things a 21-Year-Old wish she knew when she was 20

21 Things a 21-Year-Old wish she knew when she was 20

I’ve been 21 for a few months now. No, I don’t really feel old. Begal the legal drinking age is not all the big hoopla that everyone makes it out to be. Adulting is kind of boring, although I feel more an adult than I did at 18 (why is that considered the “adult” age, anyway?). Yet, despite this age, there are SO many things I still don’t know and wish I did know, especially before I became this age.

  1. Don’t stand on ceremony. By this I mean it is not a requirement to be overly formal and, dare I say, pretencious to get what we want. I’ve found that people are a little more willing to converse with someone who is not uptight.
  2. Feeling like an idiot from time to time is healthy. Perhaps I did know this subconciously, but I chose to remain ignorant of its wisdom.
  3. Don’t stay put. Oh dear fellow young people, don’t stay where you are! Please have at least one adventure before you turn 21. It will just become harder with each passing year.
  4. Start a retirement fund…now! Did you know if you start saving just $4,500 each year at age 20, you’ll have $1 million by age 65?
  5. Living alone is great! It has its perks.
  6. Living alone sucks. It has its downfalls.
  7. How to let go and move on. The elusive art of “let it go” didn’t seem to come to our attention until Elsa sung about it.
  8. How to meet people. It certainly is a skill, not limited to the social butterfly.
  9. Don’t be stingy. You’ll never be content.
  10. Volunteer! It looks good everywhere.
  11. There’s nothing special about alcohol. But there’s definitely something potentially dangerous about it, so show some respect.
  12. The basics of investment. And all things money!
  13. The years fly by. Please don’t let them pass you up.
  14. There’s no harm in taking a break. Burn-out is a rough path to tread.
  15. School rocks! Learning is fun 😀
  16. Start that business now. It will take a few years to get off the ground, so do it. Now!
  17. If you’re not good with kids…go work with kids. You don’t have to be a full-time daycare teacher. It’s just a very good thing to know, as children will eventually cross your path in one way or another.
  18. Establish your dating standards now. It saves a lot of time and awkward conversations. Not to mention possible heartbreak.
  19. Take care of yourself first. You can’t help someone else until you’re steady on your feet first.
  20. Learn a second language. It does wonders for your general learning capacity. Plus you have a step up in job applications.
  21. How to wait with grace. Waiting sucks, especially if its for your dreams to come true. There’s a graceful way to do it.


What things do you wish you knew before you were 21?


If I could visit just one site today…

I’m taking another opportunity to spotlight a fellow blogger that I think is a very talented and informative individual, and not just for the writing community. Ryan Lanz of A Writer’s Path is a published author, but he also knows his stuff about both the creative and business aspects of writing. He shares lots of great advice, tips, and resources that I can consume with wide eyes and an open mind. Plus, when someone has an innovative mind, they always win in my book. He’s clever with his presentation, and I love reading his posts.

Whether you’re a writer or not, and whether you’re at the beginning of your career or an already established author, there’s something to learn from Ryan’s brilliant blog.



Check out A Writer’s Path today!

Future 15: Joy’s Journals

Hello readers!

Another new post theme: Future 15. For fifteen weeks on Tuesday, I’ll share about a future dream or goal I have, big or small. Oh, and they’ll be dreams and goals I haven’t made known to you yet, either in past posts, in my About page, or indirectly. So, here’s the first week.


Flowers and Twine design


Jeweled Flowers design


Bird Charms design


London design


Blue Jean “Ideas” design


3D Butterflies design


Fabric Applique design

I have a dream to have a personal side business selling journals designed by me called Joy’s Journals. Above are just a few of my creations I’ve made in the past. When I have a better financial standpoint, I’ll open an Etsy shop and likely do it online. I might expand my inventory by designing other crafty items, but journals will be my main brand. I love crafting and I want it to be a regular part of my life and this is a way I can not only make it a part of my life, but I share it with others and make some money too 😀