How to be an Inspiring person


We all subconsciously desire to be inspiring in some degree or another. We think about making a significant difference in people’s lives. It’s just a simple human thing. It’s a rather strong endeavor for me, personally. I know I’m not the most influential person on the planet, but in this pursuit there are a few things I’ve learned about inspiring others.

How do you be an inspiring person? The first step is to care. You cannot possibly make a difference in someone’s life if you don’t care to. People’s dreams are very important, fragile things, and we should treat them with sincerity. If you want to inspire, you have to care about inspiration.

The second step is to believe you are inspiring. Basically, believe in yourself. Yes, that’s cheesy and overrated, but its truth has never changed. How can you inspire people if you believe you can’t? In that case, you won’t. You’re the first people you have to influence. Begin there.

The third step is to view one life as all the treasure in the world. For a short while I became convinced that I needed to reach many to be an inspiring person. Then I came up with a quote that I choose to live by to keep myself focused: “If I can but change one life, then I have done everything that I came to do.” Forget about counting numbers. The first time you impact someone, you officially became an inspiring person.

Other important factors I find to be necessary are: be the best listener. Did you know you can inspire without uttering a word? People love to talk about their dreams, and they want someone to just listen to their passions. Another factor: exude enthusiasm. Even if you’re not a naturally enthusiastic person (I am one of those; people have literally told me to show more excitement), it’s possible to develop a habit of enthusiasm. People love a happy person, and they are naturally drawn to them. Be excited for someone when they tell you about their dreams, or even just their likes and hobbies. It will influence them to connect pursuing their dream with thrill, and that will motivate them. See? Inspiration.

There’s one more thing to think about: Identify your inspirers. Always give credit where credit is due. Inspiration is an evolution. It came to you at some point from someone or something. When you’re inspiring others, give credit to that quote or that author or that friend or that trip to another country or that drunk stranger on the street. Not only is it simply ethical, you’ll be more genuine in others’ eyes, because you’re just like them. And, suddenly, your very existence becomes an inspiration.

What would you say makes an inspiring person?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?


It’s very likely that you’ve heard this phrase before. Thus, it probably just whisks by in our brains without much thought. But, honestly truly, would you have an answer if you did think about it, and I mean really think about it?

In this alternate reality, what would you go for? I know for myself, I would straight up go for every dream that’s on my heart, the ones I’ve been chipping away at to make happen. There’s much chipping happening because I want to be prepared so as to not fail. But in this world, I would do everything right now. Maybe, perhaps, even go for the things I’m afraid of.


Is that it, then? We would go for the things we’re afraid to do? Makes sense. Why else do we hold back from doing things? Because of fear of failure. Now, yes, we all know that kind of reality of never failing isn’t possible, but perhaps we should live as if it were.

As JK Rowling said, “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” There is some good in being safe than sorry, in waiting, in preparing yourself, but there’s even greater good in taking risks, in trying and failing, in experimenting. Whenever someone tries to explain to me why they haven’t gone for something yet, I usually say, “Well, at least do something.” Depending on the action, wisdom just might be to wait on the right timing, but if that’s all you ever do, then nothing will happen. And I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have something going on in my life then get stuck in limbo. Yes, even if it’s not such a good thing, because I can always grow from it.


So, what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail, hmm? One thing I would do is ask my best friend if I could pray a prayer of salvation with her and lead her to the Lord. What would you do? Share about it in the comments.

What is Inspiration?


-the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

What is Inspiration?

It’s one of those concepts that has dozens of definitions, interloped with the definitions of terms like motivation, stimulation, creativity. It’s popularly associated with the lightbulb metaphor. You know, those moments when a “lightbulb goes off in your head.” The question “What is inspiration?” is quite an abstract one, then.


Inspiration is, in the basic, when something clicks and makes you go. If something did not move you into action, it wasn’t necessarily inspiring. Inspiration is the beginning of a chase. Being inspired is the state of mind where everything makes sense, and anything is possible. Knowing that’s not always true, those moments are priceless to our existence.

So what is inspiration? Inspiration is, literally, anything. You can extract moments of clarity and possibility from anywhere. The key is to be looking for it. Have you ever read The Chronicles of Narnia? Or at least seen the movies? In Prince Caspian, Lucy sees the lion Aslan, but her siblings don’t believe her because they didn’t seem him too. “Why didn’t I see him?” Peter asked. “Maybe you weren’t looking,” Lucy said. That little girl was always looking for Aslan, at every moment. She was always determined to find him again.


To find inspiration, you have to look for it. Walk around with the mindset “What idea can I get from this?”

What do you believe is inspiration? Tell me about it in the comments 🙂

I am resilient…

I don’t know many people who get as excited as I do when learning something new about themselves, but it’s always something worth getting excited about. I don’t know about you, but the more I know of myself, the more I feel capable of being successful.

It’s kind of recently where I’ve come to discover some things about myself, all related in some way to same concept: I can’t go down. Those moments of weakness where I’m so convinced I’m at the end for sure, I can never stay. Here’s a confession: I’ve actually attempted to stay in depression before, as if it’s going to help me. And here’s the funny, and very good, thing: I naturally cannot! When I think about that, I frown at myself for being so silly in the first place. And then I thank God that I’m too stubborn to let myself give up. Here’s what I’ve learned:

I am resilient. 

I hold integrity very high. Very high.

I am fiercely loyal. 

I am fiercely protective. 

I am innovative. Sometimes too much…

I am unwavering. I cannot be convinced that God is not with me.

I see potential everywhere. 

Discovering these things about myself has helped me identify where my strengths lie, and it also just establishes my purpose even more: to be an encourager, an inspirer. Being a resilient, loyal, protective, seer-of-pontential gives me the ability to identify the strengths of others and point out the potential that lies in them.

I want to be that person, the one in the background who gave the little push that put someone on stage, the one they turn around to and smile as I’m hiding behind the curtain, a smile that says, “Thanks, you made a difference.” And I smile back, an exchange only between me and them. Because to me, if I can but change one person’s life, then I will have done everything I was meant to do.

Project Inspiration: A Hopeful Endeavor

A while back I had posted about an endeavor of purpose I decided to start, called Project Inspiration. It’s kind of a life-path I created in which I fulfill my purpose of being an encourager and inspirer. Obviously, that ranges a plethora of activity and deeds. This blog is part of that endeavor. Since I chose to make it a part of my life, I haven’t necessarily kept track of what I’ve done that would be categorized with it. I don’t want it to be a category thing; I want it to be a conscious part of my mind, where I’m always looking for and fully aware of those opportunities to encourage or inspire someone.

I do have one story. It’s small and maybe insignificant, but it meant something to me. During the work day last week I went to Walmart to get my brother some salad (he was in need of healthy food) and while I was at it I got myself a peach, one of my favorite fruits, and I hadn’t had a peach in a very long time. Basically, I was looking forward to this peach. On the way out of the parking lot at the exit turn, a man on the street stood. I had a brief battle in my mind going on: “Give him the peach. But I want the peach! I’m craving the peach! No, give him the peach.” As I pulled closer, I rolled down my window, called out to him, and gave him my peach.

He told me how much he loved fruit. He also said, “I am not owed anything, and I know that what I get is a gift from God.”

There it was. And you know, the feeling I got was overwhelming. As I drove away, I said to myself, “Golly, I want to do that again!”

The other day when I was feeling void of encouragement, I wondered why. Then I realized: it was because I hadn’t encouraged anyone lately. When I got to work the next morning I wrote a little sticky note letter of love and encouragement for my brother and left it on his desk.  Whether it made a difference to him or not, it uplifted me. Here’s why: God gave me the purpose to encourage and inspire, and when I act in that purpose, I am fulfilled and taken by joy. Those feelings I get all make sense.

This “Project Inspiration” is a hopeful endeavor of mine that I anticipate will affect others besides myself. Isn’t that what we’re all meant to do, when it comes down to it? Change others’ lives.