Future 15: Joy’s Journals

Hello readers!

Another new post theme: Future 15. For fifteen weeks on Tuesday, I’ll share¬†about a future dream or goal I have, big or small. Oh, and they’ll be dreams and goals I haven’t made known to you yet, either in past posts, in my About page, or indirectly. So, here’s the first week.


Flowers and Twine design


Jeweled Flowers design


Bird Charms design


London design


Blue Jean “Ideas” design


3D Butterflies design


Fabric Applique design

I have a dream to have a personal side business selling journals designed by me called Joy’s Journals. Above are just a few of my creations I’ve made in the past. When I have a better financial standpoint, I’ll open an Etsy shop and likely do it online. I might expand my inventory by designing other crafty items, but journals will be my main brand. I love crafting and I want it to be a regular part of my life and this is a way I can not only make it a part of my life, but I share it with others and make some money too ūüėÄ

Project Inspiration

I have come to discover that I¬†love¬†to inspire and motivate others. I absolutely love it. It makes me feel warm and joyful and peaceful and all those good feelings. And I’ve recently come to realize something quite obvious: perhaps this is my purpose.¬†

I often wonder why it is God gave me the gift of writing. I’ve always known that our ultimate duty in life is to share his love with others and show him love, and our different gifts are ways that we do that. I’ve deemed the world of writing and literature as my mission field, and the written word is the best way I communicate (so much better than verbal). I know now that God ordained writing as the way that I share his love and show him love.¬†

I also always wondered why doing things like making homemade gifts and giving motivational advice to others made me feel so high on happiness. I believe that certain activities make us feel that way because they were the activities God ordained for us to share his love through. Now it all makes sense. I feel so happy doing these things because they were what I was meant to do.

Just a few days ago I established for myself a personal life project, called¬†Project Inspiration.¬†It’s ultimate purpose and goal? To go about inspiring and encouraging others, especially in the areas of pursuing their dreams and finding purpose. And I already have ideas of how I can do that, such as “Tokens of Inspiration,” crafty inspiring notes that are either regular or spontaneous, mass motivational text messages to my friends and family, inspirational messages on social media, etc. It doesn’t take a lot, and it doesn’t have to be flashy.¬†

I intend to take this project with me in my life journey, adding to it new ideas that can span a larger reach, like giving little gifts with notes to the homeless on the street, leaving gifts and notes for neighbors, sending flowers for the heck of it to a friend who needs a boost….there’s many ways I can show God’s love and inspire others.¬†

Why do I feel like doing this? Well, basically, I really want to. And I feel in my heart that I should, because it’s my purpose. I can’t wait to get started ^_^

5 words I’m focusing on this year

Starting this year, I’ve decided to make a habit of choosing a handful of words that will be my focus for the year. This was inspired from a Monday Night gathering, where a challenge was to choose a word to focus on for the year along with a related scripture. My word was trust.

Here are five words, including trust, that I’ve chosen to focus on for this year:

  1. Trust
    One thing that I have been working on for a while is trusting in God, and trusting him in all areas of my life. I too easily fall into self-dependency and forget to lean on the Lord, especially in situations of which I have no control.
  2. Change
    Something stirred inside me at the beginning of 2014:¬†this year is going to be very eventful.¬†I don’t know why, but that was consistently there in my mind, and I took it to be a preparatory message. Since January there has already been significant change and progress, particularly in my personal life, and the adventure is like no other.
  3. Write
    My goal to write, write, and write some more has never been so strong. It helps having a Creative Writing class at the moment too. This endeavor has pushed me to search for those opportunities to write, like internships, submissions, and progress on my novel.
  4. Prayer
    This is something interesting: I want to advance in prayer. At the moment I am struggling with it, with what exactly I’m not sure, but it’s a very important part of my life that I never want to lose grasp of.
  5. Expand
    With this word I am specifically speaking of my skills and experience. There are several hobbies I want to embrace, and certain activities like editing, crafting, and blogging are specific areas that I want to expand with, not just in experience but in professionalism.

What would you say are your “focus words” for this year?

New Blog: Today’s the Day

New Blog: Today’s the Day


Hello friends! I have some news. I’ve created a new blog (yes, another. I love blogging ^_^) called¬†Today’s the Day.¬†It was born from my desire to start working on living in the present and no more in the future. In my endeavor to trust in God I want to leave my future in his hands and not worry about it, or tomorrow, or anything I am uncertain of. So, to help me do that, I’m working on directing my focus on Today, and thinking only of Today. This new blog is really for me to do that, and I want to share that journey with you.

You can check it out at areasonwhy.wordpress.com. We should all aim to find a reason why each day is a day worth waiting for ūüôā

5 Things I want to Improve

There’s always room for improvement. And there’s always something about ourselves that can be better than it is right now. Here’s five things for me that I want to improve, and have begun the mission to improve them.

  1. Trusting in God. It’s amazing how free I feel when I stop worrying about things and just leave it alone.
  2. My writing. Well that’s a no-brainer, right? But I don’t just want to improve my writing; I also want to improve how much I write.
  3. My mornings. Just an hour earlier and a lot of progress can happen…
  4. My sense of strength. Being so petite I walk around feeling like I’m going to shatter and brake. I have to believe I’m stronger than I perceive myself to be.
  5. My editing skills. If I want to get professional, I have to study up and learn everything I can of it.

What are some things you want to improve about yourself?

A Few Resolutions

So, it’s that time of year to reflect upon the previous months and think about how we can do better in the next. It requires some tough decision making to choose what to list in my New Year’s Resolution. I don’t put anything and everything, but rather I decide what will be important and what I want to focus on for that year. Here’s a few samples from my list for 2014:

  1. I will read 15 books by December 31st.¬†Last resolution I have twice that but didn’t meet it. Now, I am a reader, for sure, but I just didn’t get enough time to fit in 30 books. So I halved it and gave myself more room for 2014. I just finished a spectacular book, and it has re-motivated me to meet this goal.
  2. I will make a craft and gift blog. I mentioned this a little while ago. I love blogging, and I really want a reason to mingle and expand in my interest in craft-making and scrapbooking. What better way than to blog about it?
  3. I will do a 20-minute bike ride 4 times a week.¬†I flirted with this habit throughout 2013, but couldn’t seem to make it stick. I love a good bike ride, and Lord knows I need some cardio exercise. I’m sure my body will thank me.
  4. I will finish¬†Swordmaiden¬†and actively seek publication.¬†By “finish” I mean reach a draft of my novel that I am willing and ready to submit. And I think I’m close.
  5. I will read my Bible and have 10 minute devotionals everyday.¬†Don’t be shocked. I’m not perfect. This is a challenge on those mornings when I have to leave the house by 8, because it involves waking up a little earlier. But I want God to be first in my life more than anything, and it’s not only my duty to him but my deepest desire to give him my time first.

I like to think of 2014 as a year of opportunity. I am in such a prime time of my life, and doors are going to be opening and closing. I need to make sure I’m in the right place and making the right decisions and not letting chances pass me by.

Here’s to a fantastic new year! ^_^