I’m Still Here

It seems my run has not been very…smooth. Yes, I’m still here, but yes, I have not posted in a while. Here’s the jist: workload has increased, and school continues. My current schedule consists of going to class in the morning, then directly to work in the evening. Then, after an hour or so in traffic, I spend my precious extra time studying and doing homework. Why am I doing school again? Oh yeah, for my dream career…

Anyway, that would explain the consistent absence of content. The “Today’s the Day” posts took up a lot of time to make, and I quickly lost that time. I still want to share here (after all, Merely Inspired is my baby), and so I will continue to do so, but now a little more sparingly. I will attempt to share a poem every week like I promised, and likely will share little bits of writing and inspiration here and there. Work on my novel still continues (currently in the draft 8 state, woohoo), and I try to keep up a decent amount of reading (although no amount will ever be enough for me, it seems).

Did I mention how awesome you are? Well, you are awesome. Love you. God loves you. Now go and have an awesome day 🙂

New Things Abroad

new thing

With the kind of changes happening right now, I’ve had less and less time and energy to put into Merely Inspired, and so there was some re-thinking to be had for it’s operation.

I’m changing up the posts a little here.

  • Instead of A Poem A Day, I will do A Poem A Week. It’s a lot less pressuring to write 1 poem than to try to think of 6 poems.
  • I want to promote my campaign Today’s the Day. Every morning will have a short blip post emphasizing, “Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Now make a reason why.” Perhaps a quote, perhaps a scripture, a picture, a thought, whatever. You’ll see.
  • Every Thursday will have an Article of Inspiration. I want to dabble with some article writing, and so perhaps I’ll talk about how to inspire others, or what can inspire you, or how to find inspiration, or…you get the idea. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Maybe on occasion: a trend. Favorite book quote, favorite movie costume, favorite word….this will be all about sharing from you. Inspirational nerds unite 🙂

Change is good; feels like a fresh start. Here’s to more beautiful years with you guys ^_^

A Day Late…

Greetings, friends!

Did you know my birthday was yesterday? Yeah, I was a bit incognito. Sorry. But I turned the big 2 0! That’s right, I’m officially in the twenties now. It’s about time!

So far my birthday has been one of office shenanigans, practical jokes, impromptu doughnut runs (I love doughnuts :-D), and sweet and tender well wishes. Allow me to show you my office in it’s current state….

Photo Mar 03, 8 54 28 AM

This is what I discover when I open my door Tuesday morning….

Photo Mar 03, 8 54 32 AM

Are those toilet paper rolls? Why yes, yes they are.

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 14 AM

Rubber bands….rubber bands everywhere….

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 18 AM

Toilet paper? Why yes!

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 05 AM

These stupid Christmas boxes keep following me…

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 23 AM

I am a avid recycler, and I keep a box in my office for paper and other material. It appears they raided the box and crumpled and tossed its contents all about my office. It’s a paper pit in here…..

Photo Mar 04, 2 04 46 PM

Today’s addition: shredded paper across my desk. The worst part? Paper dust everywhere now!

Photo Mar 03, 8 54 28 AM (1) Photo Mar 03, 8 54 38 AM Photo Mar 03, 9 10 59 AM Photo Mar 03, 9 11 10 AM

And then there’s the sweeter side of the birthday….

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 24 AM

My little sister set up a little sticky note trail to follow Tuesday morning. This was the first one….

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 30 AM

I followed it to the fridge to get some milk…

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 37 AM

It then led me to the pantry….

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 57 AM

Next stop was the bathroom….

Photo Mar 03, 7 19 05 AM

Then to my closet. She was sneaky with this one….

Photo Mar 03, 7 17 44 AM

And, despite the rain, the last one on the car survived, and was the little icing on the cake. How cute is that?

Photo Mar 03, 9 48 59 AM

Then my older sister surprised me with a beautiful bouquet (including my favorite flower, Peruvian Lilies).

Photo Mar 03, 9 35 40 PM

Did I mention I love doughnuts? Thus, my little “birthday cake” was a doughnut. Teehee ^_^

Photo Mar 03, 11 50 38 AM

LOL. You gotta love loved ones.

Anyway, that is my birthday. So far. I have a feeling there’s more stuff in the future (pranks and the lot). I intend to get back into the groove of things here on Merely Inspired. I’ve let things slide a little. I’m done blaming it on life. If life won’t cooperate, then I might as well make time for stuff.

I hope you’re having a lovely March afternoon, wherever you are. I’ve missed you all 🙂

That’s what I’m here for

I’m here! I’m here!

I am ashamed of my absence as of late. I seem to be playing incognito. I hope you can forgive me 😦

There’s no point in saying, “things have been crazy lately…,” because that’s what everyone says. And not to mention it’s incredibly generic and prone to turn one’s interest and sympathy away.

And though here I am, saying this and that, all is well, so and so, I still can’t guarantee a lot of posts in this certain period of time. Perhaps you can relate? When life turns into a mouth and goes “OM NOM NOM” to your time and lifestyle? I know. That’s probably no excuse. I am on a journey, you see. A major self growth journey. Many important things in life have been needing my attention, but myself more than anything. Everyone needs a sabbatical, eh? My writing has taken a back burner, most tragically, and I want to fight to bring it back to front and center. This fight is expecting a lot of me, but now I think I am willing to give whatever it takes. Basically, have you ever had your moments when your dream seemed almost to turn to mist? It got close for me. It’s still a little close. But I’m not going to let it go.

I hope to still always inspire and encourage you. That’s what I’m here for. And I’m not going anywhere 🙂

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. -Isaiah 43:19

A new semester….

I endeavor to never have an excuse for an unworthy absence, even if it is legit. The last couple of days can be explained by the fact that I started classes on Tuesday, but again, like I said, no excuses….

It is a new semester, though. That always brings some stuff. I say stuff because, well, there’s just lots of stuff. School would be the primary new stuff. For the first time in two years I have an on-campus class again (I had always been taking classes online). It happens to be located in wild yet halcyon downtown Austin. I don’t really mind that. I always have a love for the city. And you know what always seems to bite me when my schedule starts to get a little bit busier? The urge to get even busier!

I have discovered that being busy motivates me to be even more busy. Or, perhaps to use a better term, being productive motivates me to be even more productive. I am not a person for idleness. I must be out, doing something, accomplishing things, making a difference. I do believe we have that urge in all of us to some degree; some more than others. Thus it’s a secret I’ve learned of myself: if I want to do a particular something, I should start on something more simple and build up the motivation. Not to mention the inspiration.

Thus, I warn myself, my mind may take off on me in this time. And I am not intimidated one bit! In fact, I’m glad to have something as mediocre as school to give me an artistic push.

Here’s to the new semester. And the ideas to be born.

Beauty in Washington D.C.

I love being here! I still have a little over a month left in Arlington, Virginia, and I have been really enjoying it. I’ve revisited some favorite places and seen new places (which are now more favorites). Just to share a little bit of my adventure, here are some pictures 🙂


The World War II Memorial; a beautiful structure perfect for sitting down and taking a breather


Around the WWII Memorial each of the fifty states, and other places like Pueto Rico, have their place. As a Texan, I had to get a picture of Texas ^_^


A view from the Lincoln Memorial upon the Reflection Pool and the Washington Monument


Tried to get my little boots in the shot


Perhaps my favorite memorial, the Vietnam Memorial. With my senior pastor, Pastor Lee, a Vietnam War veteran, having just passed away recently, coming here had a new significant impact on me. I even teared up a little…


The Arlington Cemetery. This place takes my breath away….


I found a little off-path trail and came right up to the gravestones. The place was so silent.


When you stand on the top of the hill at Arlington Cemetery, in front of Arlington House, this is the view. And what a view it is…

2014-10-16 12.54.42

Took a little selfie while chilling at the Lincoln Memorial. I never take selfies, so it’s special 😛


This is Raven, my two-month old niece. She is a beauty! And a very picky sleeper 🙂

2014-10-18 18.16.41

The Fashion Centre Mall in the Pentagon Area. Four stories, perhaps the largest mall I’ve ever been in!


My favorite building in D.C. is the Library of Congress. This place is a true architectural wonder.


I never noticed it the last time, but on the floor in the Library are the zodiac sign symbols. So I found mine, Pisces, and took a picture.


As I walked from the Library of Congress to the White House, this was constantly within in view. And I loved every angle 🙂


While at lunch in Georgetown (lovely little town) with my sister, she snaps a photo of me. She’s so skilled in getting great pics

2014-10-07 15.20.57

View of the White House.

2014-10-07 16.00.33

As I sat reading on a bench in the park next to the White House, I hear a horse’s whinny. I turn around and see a police officer on a horse clip-clop by down the street 😀

5 Things I love about D.C. (and the surrounding areas)

Being in Arlington, Virginia, and so close to Washington D.C., has been a nice experience so far. I knew I would enjoy being in this particular location; it was inevitable. There are many things I love about cities like this, and here are 5 particulars:

  1. Lots of walking. I love to walk! If I can get somewhere on foot, I will. When so many things are within the reach of a few steps, I am happy. I once spent an hour walking across D.C. to get to the White House from the Library of Congress, just because I felt like walking. It was the best part 🙂
  2. History everywhere. Even the houses are full of history! I geek out when I go down the neighborhood streets because the houses are so adorably colonial. Let’s not forget the plethora of museums and monuments.
  3. Riding the metro. A Texan doesn’t get to use something as convenient as the metro everyday (and I wish I did). It’s fun! Especially when you know how to use it 😉
  4. Each city is a place of it’s own. I was recently in Georgetown for the first time, and that’s when I decided it was useless to have a favorite city. All of them are so pleasant and fun and beautiful on it’s own. However, I might say that Alexandria has a special place in my heart….
  5. The weather. When you’re from Texas, the only season you’re remotely familiar with is summer. And a hot summer. Here on the East Coast, all four seasons exist. Being someone who prefers the cold weather, I’m happy to experience a real, sincere autumn and winter for once.