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Thanks so much for visiting Merely Inspired! My name is Catherine Gregoire, though many call me by my nickname Catie. I’ve been going by Catherine Joy on my social media profiles for the reason that my last name has historically been mispronounced and difficult to read (it’s French). Joy is my middle name. I think it has a rather romantic tone to it 🙂

Kid 7

I am young and hold many dreams. One of those dreams is to inspire people, and mostly through my writing. I am a passionate writer, particularly in poetry, fantasy, and literary fiction. Therefore I am a passionate reader in similar genre. Most beloved authors: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Gail Carson Levine, Shannon Hale, Neil Gaiman, and The Bronte Sisters. I dream of someday becoming like one of them, a published author that enlightens people’s lives with incredible and moving stories. My mind and notebooks are overflowing with stories, and it’s often hard to choose which ones to focus on and put time into. At the moment, my attention is swept up in a fantasy adventure novel. Progress currently upholds in the ninth draft state.


Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Maldonado (my sister)

I graduated Spring 2016 from Austin Community College with an Associate’s in Creative Writing, and I plan to eventually get a Bachelor’s in English so I can achieve a career in publishing. For now, I recently moved to Bethesda, Maryland to live with my sister and be a part of the bustling and beautiful community of the Washington D.C. area for a year before I return to the school life. My particular interests: fiction, poetry, and editing. I hope to become a professional editor someday, and be the person who helps turn other writers’ art into masterpieces.

Photo Dec 13-2

A beautiful moment with my niece Raven


With my nieces at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (2014)

Now, I may love writing and other things, but my biggest love is for God. I am truly fortunate to grow up in a Godly environment and come to know God for myself. Having a personal relationship (not a religion!) with God is absolutely and undeniably the most wonderful thing to have. I hope to always represent an honorable and inspiring Child of God and share the love that he has shown me with you.

Kid 18

Photo courtesy of Michelle McIntosh (my other sister ^_^)

Other hobbies and activities I enjoy would be dancing, singing, reading, scrapbooking, studying history, visiting museums, roller skating, baking, watching Miyazaki films, and watching Doctor Who. Favorite movies? The Lord of the Rings, Whisper of the Heart, The Last Samurai, The Devil Wears Prada, Bridge to Terabithia, The Patriot, Cinderella Man, Hugo, The Secret World of Arrietty, Anastasia, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Tarzan, and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Favorite books? The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, The Book Thief, The Hunger Games, Seraphina, The Screwtape Letters, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, Pride and Prejudice, Founding Brothers, Mere Christianity, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and Surprised by Joy.

My personal mission statement: To inspire purpose, encourage discovery, and support in the pursuit of dreams. I don’t value people, I value the Person. If I can change but one life, then I have done all that I came to do.

November 2016; photo courtesy of Elizabeth Maldonado (one of my sisters :-D)

I anticipate to inspire you today, to broaden your horizon of ideas, to make you smile, or laugh, or think, to make you want to create something yourself, whether it’s a story or a song or a craft, or to just give you a little sunshine in your day ^_^

Photo Jan 12, 4 15 04 PM

36 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hey, thanks a lot! i really like your blog too! and it’s splendid to meet you as well 🙂
      that picture was taken by my sister in one of my favorite spots. it’s in a wood right by my house. i like to go there to get inspired ^_^


  1. oh my oh my!!!! what a beautiful pic for the cover,,, and the “About Me”…. this is all so impressive.. Wish i had some place like this nearby,,, and wish i had more delightful people like you near by…

    Well!! i liked what you said about you,, and the authors you choose to read… I wish you all the very best at your mission of inspiring other… Yous cover pic inspire me surely… 🙂


    • Thanks so much! I’m flattered by your compliment ^_^
      Things like this really make me feel good, because it does make my mission to inspire people all the more enjoyable. I so much appreciate your appreciation 🙂
      I love that my picture alone is inspiring people. i never expected that! that’s pretty cool!


  2. “Most beloved authors: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Gail Carson Levine, Shannon Hale, Neil Gaiman, and The Bronte Sisters.” Most of these are my favourites too…you on the right path as far as your inspirations goes…good luck! 🙂


  3. I stumble upon your blog just a few days back and I found it really very interesting. I read some of your poems and articles, I want to read all of your writings. Your writing style is just awesome!! The way you express a simple emotion or a moment is very beautiful and admirable!! Keep it up!!!


  4. Great impressive thought you written in your about..!
    nice to e-meeting you..!your photo is so nice.. 😉
    we will have a good time to follow each other..


  5. ‘Joy is my middle name. I think it has a rather romantic tone to it’- no wonder you like Jane Austen 😛 Pride and Prejudice must be your favorite I’m guessing? But you still wouldn’t like Sense and Sensibility? Lovely profile and just simply love the image!


    • I do have a love for Jane Austen ^_^
      I’ve only read two of her books, Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey, but all together (from books and movies) I think Emma might be my favorite. But I love them all ^_^


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