5 Ways to keep your eyes on the prize (a.k.a. your dream)

  1. Make it visible

Keep your dream in front of you at all times. A great way to do this is to make a vision board. At least have your dreams or a motivational quote written down somewhere where you can always see it.

2. Have accountability

Designate a friend or family member to be your accountability for your dreams. They will be the person to keep you on track and check in on where you are with achieving your goals.

3. Seek out a mentor

This person is different from your accountability. They are the knowledgeable one who will train you in the area of your dream and help you develop.

4. Dedicate a space

Find out where and how you work best. The right space will be organized and designed to provide you the most focus and output. It may be your room or a coffee shop or your local Barnes & Noble. Experiment in different locations and observe your level of concentration and productivity. Then, keep going back to that place!

5. Learn your productivity triggers

Do you know what motivates you to work? Pay attention to the things that trigger you into ultra-drive, that inspire new ideas, that energize you, that feed your passion to take on the world. When you know your productivity triggers, you can use them as tools to get yourself into the working zone.


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