5 Things I’ve Overcome and Am Overcoming

Through each year there will always be at least one or two things that we fight passionately, usually in our minds and emotions. They often leave us weary and hopeless. But here’s something to note of a battle: it’s never over after one fight. Victory comes from a collections of small wins, which we accumulate over a long…period…of…time.

I have more battles than just these five, but these are some that I’ve been fighting for a long time and have made small but significant progress in.

  1. Social ineptness. Okay, I’m not inept in social settings, but for a long time I believed myself to be, and still I struggle with feeling comfortable and confident in the public eye. But taking on people-oriented roles like retail jobs have helped me develop far. I used to be that kid who literally hid behind her mother’s legs. One thing I can still work on is eye contact (it makes me nervous; I habitually look around the room during conversation), but each day I get a little closer to my goal.
  2. Anxiety. I don’t think I’m too intense to be labeled a “worrier,” but I definitely have my moments. I can easily get anxious about situations, especially the ones in which I know nothing and feel completely useless. Once upon a time it even opened the door to having some nasty anxiety attacks that went on for months. But I moved on from those, and I’m still moving on from anxiety all together.
  3. A passive voice. This is a reference to my writing (of course I had to include one writing item). It still comes up, but with the help of dedicated editing and rewriting I have not only fixed the mistakes I’ve already made, but I’ve gotten better at recognizing that sneaky passive voice when it comes up in the moment.
  4. Self-imposed standards (based on comparison). Since high school I’ve had a bad habit of comparing my progress with my peers and family members, thinking that because they achieved a specific thing at such and such time, then I should have also achieved it at that same time. This has led to becoming my greatest enemy when it comes to standards and expectations. It’s a subconscious urge that I have to fight, but reminding myself that our pathways are extremely different, and we can achieve the same goal in very different ways, usually helps me get back in focus.
  5. Not valuing the small victories. I know I can give myself more credit than I do. I seem to subconsciously put numeric values on achievements, which doesn’t allow me to enjoy the small ones and reward myself. It may be cheesy, but saying that “it’s the small victories that count” is all too true. Bigger victories are only accomplished through smaller ones, after all.


What battles have you overcome or are currently overcoming? Sometimes sharing them can help motivate us to fight on.


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