What I’ve learned about writing so far…

When it’s come to my journey of writing, I’ve also had the opportunity to learn about myself in the process. And there’s been plenty to learn. If there’s one thing that has stood out, it’s that writing is all about the right moment. It’s both versatile and formulaic, and it really depends on the moment when choosing which route to take. I’ve also learned…

  • I enjoy editing perhaps a little more than writing. It’s a good thing I want to be an editor, then. It’s especially great when I have writer’s block and need something to work on. I have found, though, that even when I do have something to write, I tend to enjoy making existing pieces better.
  • Goals are goldFocused goals are the best. With each draft of my novel I established a small list, generally 2-3 items, of specific things to focus on when editing and rewriting. For example, with my current draft, it’s all about adding detail and increasing word count by 5,000.
  • I’m not reading enough. No matter how much it’s been stressed, it should always be stressed some more. If you are a writer, you must read. You know what always looks great? When you know your authors. Therefore, it helps you in the industry to be well-versed.
  • I pretend I’m an actor. Actors ask themselves the question, “How would this character respond?” If I’m not physically acting out something, I will at least give voice to dialogue or narrate prose. I pretend I’m an actor playing this character in a movie. I think what it helps with the best is bringing emotions to life. If I’m not sure how a character should be expressing a feeling, I put myself in their shoes.
  • The process of writing is however long you make it. You can make time to write. The question is whether you will.
  • I doubt my ability to be versatile. A writer should learn to write in different voices. I often convince myself that I can only write one way, but then I end up succeeding. I still have doubt, but I’m working on it.


What are some new things you’ve learned on your journey so far?


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