Dear Younger Me…

Dear Younger Me,

I’m about to set off on a big change. I’m 21 and got my whole life ahead of me. But you’ve got more. I imagine you’re just getting through high school right now. Keep up the hard work. You’re gonna need to if you want to graduate early. Before you get to where I am, take some advice. And trust me…you’ll need it.

  1. Stop saying yes. You’re gonna get into some sticky and miserable situations if you keep saying yes like you do. And learn to do it now. You’ll be grateful you did.
  2. Get assertive. The passivity is not good enough to get through life. And, unlike me, you can avoid being a carpet sooner.
  3. You might break a heart…and that’s okay. Perhaps you won’t avoid this, but please don’t let it destroy you inside. We can’t satisfy everyone, so get over it now before you spend too much time feeling ashamed.
  4. Please don’t stop writing. Yeah, you’ll have more in-your-face things to take care of first, but ALWAYS make time to write. In fact, make time to do all the things that make you feel passionate. You can’t live without that.
  5. Read more than I did. And good heavens whatever you do, keep your Netflix watching in check.
  6. Stretch. Your future back will thank you.
  7. Speaking of your back, I would tell you to stay off trampolines…but some healthy growing happened as a result, so just until you’re 17, keep jumping (like I said, trust me).
  8. Back off the hugging. Be aware of people’s bubble. Even if they’re okay with it…just don’t.
  9. Trust your mother. I mean trust your mother. She’s the person you can trust more than anyone. And yeah, there will be moments when you really don’t want to (that’s probably right now), but keep trusting her.
  10. Remember to clean the bathroom. You will avoid lots of arguments if you just clean that darn bathroom.

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