Don’t wait to “Let it Go”

Before you roll your eyes because I have apparently quoted the by-now-overrated song from Frozen, I’m not necessarily quoting it. If we’re quoting anything here, it would be the James Bay song (which by the way is a great song! You should listen).

I am saying don’t wait to let it go in the simple context of what the phrase means. Recently, I found myself saying this to a friend. Someone who is kind of “waiting around” to let go of something is never going to succeed at getting rid of it. They’re waiting for feelings, emotions, circumstances to help the process along, but all of that is working against you. Natural human emotions will never let something go. So you have to make them.

Rather than waiting for yourself to let something go, make the decision to leave it behind. “I just need to let it go,” you say. And you say, for months upon months. Maybe years. But it’s not going away. Leaving something behind sometimes takes physical maneuvers. Changing jobs, cutting off communication, moving locations, resisting temptation, starting a new relationship…these are some big but extremely helpful ways to leave something behind. And other times it just requires you to work your mental and psychological muscles everyday until it becomes easier.

If you wait around to “let it go,” either by waiting for your feelings to subside or circumstances to change, it’s not going anywhere. Choose to let go NOW. It’ll be harder, yes, but that unwanted past will be gone sooner.


One thought on “Don’t wait to “Let it Go”

  1. “Let it go” is such a simple phrase, yet can be so hard to put into practice. Often, it ends up being an ongoing series of choices and decisions rather than one pivotal moment. That can make it into a huge struggle, but undeniably worth it in the end.


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