A Poem A Week #21

What is the Wind?

What is the wind?
The formless breath of God
Or the whispers of my prayers
That I speak aloud
To the day?
Is it the voice of flowers
Singing a tune
For the bees on a spring day,
Or a song of longing
As they wait for winter’s grasp
To loosen and decay?
Is it the way the Earth touches
To feel what my skin and hair
Are like, the way it caresses
So as to know
How soft a human cheek is?
Is it the waves of the clouds
As they skim over the ocean
Of the sky, billowing,
Making the swoosh sound
That slides past my ear
As the wind passes by?
What is the wind?
What is this invisible strength
That pushes and hugs?
What is this mystery
That traverses the world
And yet stops to say hello
To me, in my little corner?
Is this love?

by Catherine Joy

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