If I could visit just one site today…

I have a question: if you could visit only one site today, which one would it be? Now don’t be superficial and think Facebook or Imgur…

For me, I’m going to take the time to highlight one of my favorite fellow bloggers. If I could visit just one site today, I’d check in on Cristian Mihai at his website cristianmihai.net. His was one of the first blogs I started following when I joined WordPress. Cristian is a self-published author and innovative go-getter who has built his way up along the path that every writer is too familiar with. He’s a pleasant inspiration to me. I always enjoy his refreshing down-to-earth blog posts, each one offering another little piece of food-for-thought that I can dwell on for the day. They are simple, relatable, artistically driven, and usually sport a captivating quote from someone we admire. Oh, and check out his About page; it’s short-and-sweet, humorous, and so memorable.

As someone who wants to be a self-motivated, business-minded dream chaser, Cristian reminds me I can do it too, as long as I take action (show them your dreams…). With over 110,000 followers and counting, I think that speaks for itself. Whether you’re a writer or not, if you have not already, you should totally check out his website!



If you could only visit one site today, which would it be? Share a link in the comments. I’d love to check it out!



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