Three Important P’s: Planning, Pacing, and Passion

Every dream we make may be different, but the process of achieving them works the same. It’s a simple process of three P’s: planning, pacing, and passion. You need all three to make it work.

Planning: What is the goal? What will be the steps to achieve it? What is the outcome and the reward? What will be the obstacles? What will you do to overcome those obstacles? What does this dream require, a degree, a connection, a specific skill, a tangible resource? Create an answer for these questions to establish a working plan for your dream.

Pacing: Schedule your dream. Spread it out across a reasonable timeframe. Break it down into smaller goals and tasks that you can conquer with less energy. Create a reward system to motivate yourself. Take breaks from the work.

Passion: You won’t strive to accomplish something if you don’t want to in the first place. Is this something you’re passionate about? If it’s not, consider letting it go. It’s more a waste of your time when your heart is not in it. Don’t do as much as you can; do as much as your heart will give. Often times, that’s just one thing.


What do you do to plan, pace, and generate passion for your dream?


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