2016, the year of…

In my last post I mentioned how since 2014 I’ve made a habit of selecting a single word that would be my focus for the year and basically define the year itself. It’s a good habit to start, as it helps hone yourself to a specific goal and theme that ultimately pushes you towards the goals and dreams you laid out for the year.


In 2014, it was the year of Trust. This was the year when I struggled against my humanistic tendencies to trust myself and rather direct my trust to God. It was the year I got the stirring that it would be very “eventful.” And it most certainly was. And perhaps that’s what I needed the trust for.


2015 was the year of Growth, alongside with “change.” The two words were two sides of one coin. It was the year with lots and lots of change, and as a result, lots of personal growth happened.

2016…well, something tells me this will be the year of Independence. I mean a number of things by this word. It seems to be the year when I, as a person, will move on from past things that I’ve been connected to for a long time, branch out, establish myself, and make a few dreams happen. There will be changes this year. Some good ones, if I can help it.


What would you say your word for 2016 is?


5 thoughts on “2016, the year of…

  1. I truly wish you the best of luck in this year of Independence. It’s a big word and a big goal, but I certainly hope you continue to Grow and Trust even as you reach for new things.

    (You have beautiful graphics, by the way. Clearly some design talent in there, too. 😉 )


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