Outstanding notes from a young adults’ retreat

Two weekends ago I went to a young adults retreat in Dallas, TX with some friends. Anyone familiar with The Potter’s House? Anyway, I enjoyed myself. The messages were fantastic, and here’s just a few outstanding points I caught that made an impact on my thinking:

-It’s not so much a sin issue; it’s a location issue. Sometimes, you’re just not in the right place.

-A curse may actually be a blessing in disguise.

-You will receive the enemy as you perceive him.

-Your struggles can be step stools to the next step.

-When struggles come, wait till they become opportunities.

-Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity.

-There’s a difference between having a vision and living out a dream.

-It doesn’t matter if you see God in the midst of your struggles; it only matters that the enemy sees Him.

-Every story begins with identity.

-The very thing that the enemy built to take you down, you will use to fuel your success.

-One thing you have to learn is to be mobile. Don’t get comfortable.

-God will trust you with a level that will mess you up.

-If you’re being blocked, that means you haven’t tried anything extraordinary.

-If you misunderstand someone’s struggle, you will underestimate their strength.

-It’s not what we don’t have that keeps us stuck. It’s that we don’t know what to do with what we do have.

-The enemy doesn’t care that you go to church or read the Bible. He cares if you learn how to use that word as a weapon.

-You don’t have to be good with much; you just have to be great with one weapon.

-Conflict isn’t your greatest barrier; complacency is.

-You cannot fulfill your calling in your comfort zone.

-The seasons of your greatest development are the seasons of your most diabolical attacks.

-Courage never comes wrapped as certainty.

-Don’t strive to be gifted; strive to be someone of principle.

-Relationship trumps resources.

-You can be successful by yourself, but you cannot be fruitful by yourself.

-You cannot go forward until you develop conflict resolution.

-We are afraid of being vulnerable to people’s unpredictability.

-We hide behind things we can control.

-We are scared of needing someone.

-Are you going to die with your generation, or are you going to die for your generation? In order to save others, you must sacrifice.

-Perhaps you struggle because you do not value where God put you and who he gave you.


Do you have any thoughts on these notes?

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