The value of “How can I make it better?”

If we ever want to advance anywhere, we must have a teachable spirit. And we must be a good teacher to ourselves.

With everything I do, I’m always thinking deep in my subconscious, “how can I do it better?” People have called me the energizer bunny; I can’t seem to quit. Even when I have my dark moments and feel like everything is hopeless and I’m screwing everything up, I end up back on my feet and trying again. I’ve literally even tried quitting, and it didn’t last long. And the question that is not too far off when I dry my eyes and re-open the door is: how can I make it better now?

I love this about myself. It has gotten me places. I love that I’m always thinking about this question. It’s a valuable feature that anyone can adopt. When I think, “how can i make it better?” you know what happens? Things get better. My skills improve because I search for ways to improve them. With writing alone, I can see the change of quality since I started back in seventh grade. I don’t like to read my stuff from back then because it’s rubbish! As I read books, I pay close attention to what the author did well and what I think is not so well. I make mental notes: “I can see these places. I need to use more imagery and description in my writing.” “I think they use too many adjectives. I’ll take note of that.” “Paragraphs breaks make a big difference.” “I’m gonna remember to use that sentence structure.”

When it comes to crafting, I take note of what can bring down the quality. Glueing isn’t so good? I invest in better glue and study up on some tips. Stenciling isn’t so good? Practice stenciling. Or maybe use a different method for lettering, one that is cleaner and simpler. Paper keeps coming off? I just brainstormed a method to wrap the paper around the edges, reinforcing its strength. Journal looks cheap from the back? I start covering the back as well.

My skills with social media managing have really advanced. I spend hours researching and reading articles and resources that I apply to my work. Since then I’ve developed the ability to create social media editorial calendars and schedules for businesses and organizations and whatnot. I even do it for myself. I believe I can do better if I know ROI and URL. I search for classes, I find free resources, I teach myself.

I do it with my classes. I struggle with listening comprehension with language? I ask my teacher for ways I can work on that. I listen to foreign films and music, I ask someone to practice a conversation with me. I update my study method if it’s not working for me. How can I do it better?

Even with random hobbies that I dabble in, I think with this question. For example, I love rollerskating. I’m having a hard time with the turns? I watch the more advanced people and observe what they do. And then I teach myself. I enjoy singing. I can’t hold a note? I ask an expert and practice breathing. It’s not even important to me, but the whole goal is, How can I make it better?

Practice having this question in your thoughts. It gives way to creativity and innovation. It makes you a valuable player. People will notice and will want you in the work field.

Think of one thing that you want to advance in. Now, how can you make it better?


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