When it was about to rain Part 2

Another small part to my newest story. Enjoy!

I came home late again. Not because I was working. Not because I was at school. Not because I was visiting a sick person or passing out water bottles to the homeless on the street. It was because I was indulging in what my mom considered the most selfish act to ever be conducted.

I was taking a walk.

My mom accused me of running away. Each time I returned with a complacent look on my face, she insisted that’s exactly what I was doing. I would just smile, shake my head, and step lightly to my room, as if I had just experienced the most satisfying thing in the world. In a way, it was satisfying. Knowing that I was always right and she was always wrong, it was enough to go to bed without the necessity of coming out again until morning. And all the while, the rain would come, in one way or another. It would come, and it would make my day better.

By the way, my name is Lorraine. I prefer Laney. Actually, I prefer Luna.


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