A Poem A Week #4

A Simple Promise

There a single, simple promise
We all make to ourselves.
The promise to keep,
To hold on to,
To make real.
We solemnly swear
To know just what to do.
We cannot forgive
When we forget.
It’s hard enough
To meet one’s own need;
We are our greatest enemy.
So I made the promise
To make my mistakes,
To accidentally burn, to break,
To cherish foolishly.
It’s a promise I know
I can keep,
So I promised myself
That I could cry, melt,
Sleep the day away.
I promise you, this will happen;
It’ll be hard to break.
And I promise to learn,
To figure out, to wonder
And see where I slipped.
It’s the best promise I can make.

By Catherine Joy


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