A Poem A Week #3

Sweet Tasting Words

Ever so often
There is a lilt in my head.
It bakes and it burns;
A cacophony of lies.
Disabling words
And treacherous sentiment.
I have been in that place
Too many terrible times.
I’d tried to escape it;
Sometimes I did.
The words and the pictures
Would play out in my mind,
Bristling and bombing.
It is quite a fight.
But I’ve heard other words before.
They would come to me
In soft-spoken memories,
In the pages of a book.
A gentle, epitomizing whisper.
For the voice was never in the storm;
It was never in the wind.
It was never in the rain.
Never in the hard taps on the floor.
I would walk,
And they would find me.
They would follow me.
Sweet tasting words
That were never more true.
I’ve waited for these words.

By Catherine Joy


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