I’m Still Here

It seems my run has not been very…smooth. Yes, I’m still here, but yes, I have not posted in a while. Here’s the jist: workload has increased, and school continues. My current schedule consists of going to class in the morning, then directly to work in the evening. Then, after an hour or so in traffic, I spend my precious extra time studying and doing homework. Why am I doing school again? Oh yeah, for my dream career…

Anyway, that would explain the consistent absence of content. The “Today’s the Day” posts took up a lot of time to make, and I quickly lost that time. I still want to share here (after all, Merely Inspired is my baby), and so I will continue to do so, but now a little more sparingly. I will attempt to share a poem every week like I promised, and likely will share little bits of writing and inspiration here and there. Work on my novel still continues (currently in the draft 8 state, woohoo), and I try to keep up a decent amount of reading (although no amount will ever be enough for me, it seems).

Did I mention how awesome you are? Well, you are awesome. Love you. God loves you. Now go and have an awesome day 🙂


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