A Poem A Week #2


You can find him anywhere

i found him in the woods once,
Sitting in the sticky breeze.
I was timid to approach,
But then sat by his side on my knees.
At the grocery store,
Where I do my mundane shopping,
He was there, with me,
Never stopping.
He follows you through the school halls,
Or up into the hills.
You could climb the highest mountain,
And he’s with you, still.
You can find him anywhere,
I’ve discovered.
He’s in the groundhog holes;
He’s in the cloud cover.
He’s in the prisons,
Sitting idle with the thieves.
He’s in the palaces,
Ruling with the monarchies.
He’s in the rabbit’s cage,
Or in the sewing room.
He’s in the buildings never finished;
He’s still in the homes that met their doom.
A rain puddle, the pyramids,
The seats in the movies.
The campfires, road trips,
Way out in the boonies.
Even in heaven
He’s always there too.
He’s always right here, anywhere,
With me and with you.

By Catherine Joy


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