New Things Abroad

new thing

With the kind of changes happening right now, I’ve had less and less time and energy to put into Merely Inspired, and so there was some re-thinking to be had for it’s operation.

I’m changing up the posts a little here.

  • Instead of A Poem A Day, I will do A Poem A Week. It’s a lot less pressuring to write 1 poem than to try to think of 6 poems.
  • I want to promote my campaign Today’s the Day. Every morning will have a short blip post emphasizing, “Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for. Now make a reason why.” Perhaps a quote, perhaps a scripture, a picture, a thought, whatever. You’ll see.
  • Every Thursday will have an Article of Inspiration. I want to dabble with some article writing, and so perhaps I’ll talk about how to inspire others, or what can inspire you, or how to find inspiration, or…you get the idea. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Maybe on occasion: a trend. Favorite book quote, favorite movie costume, favorite word….this will be all about sharing from you. Inspirational nerds unite 🙂

Change is good; feels like a fresh start. Here’s to more beautiful years with you guys ^_^


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