A Poem A Day #510

When the Lights Faded In

What did I see when the lights faded in?
I saw me, exposed.
Everyone’s true colors, glaring straight at me.
Things as they should be,
And almost everything as it should not.
I saw all the stories of the past
Drift by like dust;
They hovered by the lights,
As if they were afraid to be seen in the dark.
On the walls
Shadows cowered back,
Clinging to the corners,
Trying to hide their shapes.
But I saw them, I saw it all.
When the lights faded in,
Sweet and gently and not too painful,
I saw light and darkness
And colors, many, many colors.
They sang to me, said hello.
And before the light faded away
I took stock of it all,
And I remembered it all,
And nothing was in darkness again.

By Catherine Joy


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