A Poem A Day #509

I Wrote Today

I wrote today,
Only thirty minutes.
It was about silly things,
Trivial things,
Matters of the heart
And matters concerning doubt.
I wrote today
Because I was angry.
I wondered why
I could not write more,
Why it hurt so much
To put words to thoughts.
I wrote today
About why the world
Was as it is.
Couldn’t it be better?
Must the thing I love the most
Be the hardest to create?
How my heart ached.
I wrote today
To numb the pain,
Unaware that I only made more.
Words were pain;
Words were also delight.
While my heart burned inside,
It also soared.
So I wrote today,
Because it’s what I do best.
Though everything hurt,
I wrote anyway.

By Catherine Joy


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