5 Ways I cope with stress

We all have stress, and many different degrees of it. For me, it seems that lately I have been experiencing the most stressful kind of stress thus far in my life. Therefore I’ve been getting by each day with methods of coping. Here are five ways I do so:

  1. Journal. Typical, probably. Although sometimes this can backfire. If I end up just rambling in my journal it will instead heighten my nerves rather than calm them.
  2. Drink tea. Tea is from heaven. It must be.
  3. Watch movies. Particularly films by Hayao Miyazaki. They always relax me.
  4. Make crafts. Some of the most peaceful moments I experience are when I’m crafting something.
  5. Play dress-up. Yes, I go to my closet and see what new outfits I can create from my wardrobe. It always works.

What sort of things do you do to cope with stress?


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