Today’s the Day you’ve been waiting for…

Today’s is the day you’ve been waiting for. Now make a reason why. -Catherine Joy Gregoire

“Today’s the Day” is a campaign to inspire others to make the best of each day, notice the beautiful little details, and appreciate the process of the day-by-day. It’s meant to motivate others to live in the Now and find beauty in the Present.

Hello, friends! This is a new page I’ve started. It originally began as a whole other blog, but I realized that that was too much and too unnecessary, so for now I’m going to keep things in the Merely Inspired family. This is mostly a project for myself and coming from myself, but like everything at Merely Inspired I have the goal to inspire you along with me. With my habit of living in the future too much, I always try to find ways to keep myself focused on the present and enjoy what is happening right now. Today’s the Day helps me do that. I hope it can help you do so too. I’d love for this particular page to be interactive, sharing and connecting others’ stories and “reason why’s.” If you ever have anything to share, feel free to comment, or even message if you desire to guest blog! I want to hear from you, and share in this journey together 🙂


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