A Day Late…

Greetings, friends!

Did you know my birthday was yesterday? Yeah, I was a bit incognito. Sorry. But I turned the big 2 0! That’s right, I’m officially in the twenties now. It’s about time!

So far my birthday has been one of office shenanigans, practical jokes, impromptu doughnut runs (I love doughnuts :-D), and sweet and tender well wishes. Allow me to show you my office in it’s current state….

Photo Mar 03, 8 54 28 AM

This is what I discover when I open my door Tuesday morning….

Photo Mar 03, 8 54 32 AM

Are those toilet paper rolls? Why yes, yes they are.

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 14 AM

Rubber bands….rubber bands everywhere….

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 18 AM

Toilet paper? Why yes!

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 05 AM

These stupid Christmas boxes keep following me…

Photo Mar 03, 9 11 23 AM

I am a avid recycler, and I keep a box in my office for paper and other material. It appears they raided the box and crumpled and tossed its contents all about my office. It’s a paper pit in here…..

Photo Mar 04, 2 04 46 PM

Today’s addition: shredded paper across my desk. The worst part? Paper dust everywhere now!

Photo Mar 03, 8 54 28 AM (1) Photo Mar 03, 8 54 38 AM Photo Mar 03, 9 10 59 AM Photo Mar 03, 9 11 10 AM

And then there’s the sweeter side of the birthday….

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 24 AM

My little sister set up a little sticky note trail to follow Tuesday morning. This was the first one….

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 30 AM

I followed it to the fridge to get some milk…

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 37 AM

It then led me to the pantry….

Photo Mar 03, 7 18 57 AM

Next stop was the bathroom….

Photo Mar 03, 7 19 05 AM

Then to my closet. She was sneaky with this one….

Photo Mar 03, 7 17 44 AM

And, despite the rain, the last one on the car survived, and was the little icing on the cake. How cute is that?

Photo Mar 03, 9 48 59 AM

Then my older sister surprised me with a beautiful bouquet (including my favorite flower, Peruvian Lilies).

Photo Mar 03, 9 35 40 PM

Did I mention I love doughnuts? Thus, my little “birthday cake” was a doughnut. Teehee ^_^

Photo Mar 03, 11 50 38 AM

LOL. You gotta love loved ones.

Anyway, that is my birthday. So far. I have a feeling there’s more stuff in the future (pranks and the lot). I intend to get back into the groove of things here on Merely Inspired. I’ve let things slide a little. I’m done blaming it on life. If life won’t cooperate, then I might as well make time for stuff.

I hope you’re having a lovely March afternoon, wherever you are. I’ve missed you all 🙂


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