5 Things that awaken my creativity

We all have specific things that uniquely perk our inner creativity. We’re all inspired by different things. I quite enjoy the journey of discovering just what those things are. Here are five of my own:

  1. Bookstores. Yeah, no surprise there. But I at least know where to go when I’m feeling creatively stunted. It really is a wake up call. Surround me with books and BAM.
  2. Watching from a window. It’s partly distracting and partly invigorating. I haven’t decided yet if it’s more productive for me to work by or a window or not. But it certainly stirs up ideas.
  3. Watching my favorite movies. And re-watching them. I suppose seeing great stories that I love inspires me to make great stories that others will love.
  4. Being busy. Vague, yes. Being busy with what? Anything, really. When I’m busy I feel productive, which then motivates me to be more productive. And yes, even creatively. Perhaps it’s the sense of accomplishment.
  5. Walking. If I can walk somewhere, I will. I love to walk. It’s not only healthy, but my mind just loves to wander.

What sort of things or activities awaken your creative mind?


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