5 ways to recognize your passion

Something about finding one’s dream and passion seems to just radiate within me. I get passionate about helping others find their passion. I believe in my heart that God must have put that in me for a reason. Perhaps that’s my passion.

Overtime I’ve learned that finding one’s passion is not an easy task, and even after you find it, it can change, or new ones can arise. Discovering one’s passion leads to one understanding their purpose and claiming a dream. It’s such an important and necessary thing to have in your life, because it reveals what God meant for you to do. From my personal experience, here are five ways that can help you discover and recognize what your passion is:

  1. Pay close attention to your emotions. Though we are not to live by them, our emotions are still vital hints to what is and what isn’t our passion. Even some positive emotions can be misleading, so take time to analyze what you feel and why.
  2. Notice if the world disappeared. By this I mean, when you were doing whatever you were doing, did it feel like the world had melted away for a time? Did you completely forget about everything and everyone else? Did you feel like it was just you and that activity? It’s not the same as being distracted by some form of entertainment. That just means you’re being entertained. But you’ll know when it seems like the world around you has suddenly blown away and been forgotten.
  3. Listen to what people say. Observant friends will notice when something’s different about you. They may just simply say, “you’re so happy when you….” If they’re telling you that you seem to be on top of the world when you’re skating or teaching or designing graphics or cooking, then perhaps you’re passionate.
  4. Gage your level of “aliveness.” Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.” -Howard Thurman. If you feel more alive than you ever feel when doing anything else, then you’re definitely passionate.
  5. You can’t stop talking about it. Just like when you have a crush on someone, you find yourself talking about the person all the time. If you find yourself talking about a certain activity or endeavor, then it’s definitely on your mind, and you’re probably passionate.

Finding passion can be a process because we can always get it wrong many times first, but that just only gets you closer to discovering what your passion really is. Now go out there and find it, and go for it!


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