A new semester….

I endeavor to never have an excuse for an unworthy absence, even if it is legit. The last couple of days can be explained by the fact that I started classes on Tuesday, but again, like I said, no excuses….

It is a new semester, though. That always brings some stuff. I say stuff because, well, there’s just lots of stuff. School would be the primary new stuff. For the first time in two years I have an on-campus class again (I had always been taking classes online). It happens to be located in wild yet halcyon downtown Austin. I don’t really mind that. I always have a love for the city. And you know what always seems to bite me when my schedule starts to get a little bit busier? The urge to get even busier!

I have discovered that being busy motivates me to be even more busy. Or, perhaps to use a better term, being productive motivates me to be even more productive. I am not a person for idleness. I must be out, doing something, accomplishing things, making a difference. I do believe we have that urge in all of us to some degree; some more than others. Thus it’s a secret I’ve learned of myself: if I want to do a particular something, I should start on something more simple and build up the motivation. Not to mention the inspiration.

Thus, I warn myself, my mind may take off on me in this time. And I am not intimidated one bit! In fact, I’m glad to have something as mediocre as school to give me an artistic push.

Here’s to the new semester. And the ideas to be born.

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