A Poem A Day #504


One night, as I watched the stars,
I took hold of their light
And blinded my eyes.
I don’t remember that it hurt.
Only my tears were like dew.
They glistened as gems
In the moonlight.
I didn’t do much crying then.
How could I? I saw everything
That pain I always knew,
You know, that constant beating of a drum
That never seems to cease,
I only saw it now with ease,
With light, so bright,
Because I was starry-eyed.
How often others told me
It was as it seemed.
But I couldn’t see what they saw.
I never would see it again.
Some tell me I’m blind.
They say I don’t know
What’s really there.
But that is what hope is,
Isn’t it?
Seeing things as stars.
And just like a star,
I am millions of miles away,
Far away from the reach
Of the night.
I only see the sky.
I am starry-eyed.

By Catherine Joy


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