Beauty in Washington D.C.

I love being here! I still have a little over a month left in Arlington, Virginia, and I have been really enjoying it. I’ve revisited some favorite places and seen new places (which are now more favorites). Just to share a little bit of my adventure, here are some pictures 🙂


The World War II Memorial; a beautiful structure perfect for sitting down and taking a breather


Around the WWII Memorial each of the fifty states, and other places like Pueto Rico, have their place. As a Texan, I had to get a picture of Texas ^_^


A view from the Lincoln Memorial upon the Reflection Pool and the Washington Monument


Tried to get my little boots in the shot


Perhaps my favorite memorial, the Vietnam Memorial. With my senior pastor, Pastor Lee, a Vietnam War veteran, having just passed away recently, coming here had a new significant impact on me. I even teared up a little…


The Arlington Cemetery. This place takes my breath away….


I found a little off-path trail and came right up to the gravestones. The place was so silent.


When you stand on the top of the hill at Arlington Cemetery, in front of Arlington House, this is the view. And what a view it is…

2014-10-16 12.54.42

Took a little selfie while chilling at the Lincoln Memorial. I never take selfies, so it’s special 😛


This is Raven, my two-month old niece. She is a beauty! And a very picky sleeper 🙂

2014-10-18 18.16.41

The Fashion Centre Mall in the Pentagon Area. Four stories, perhaps the largest mall I’ve ever been in!


My favorite building in D.C. is the Library of Congress. This place is a true architectural wonder.


I never noticed it the last time, but on the floor in the Library are the zodiac sign symbols. So I found mine, Pisces, and took a picture.


As I walked from the Library of Congress to the White House, this was constantly within in view. And I loved every angle 🙂


While at lunch in Georgetown (lovely little town) with my sister, she snaps a photo of me. She’s so skilled in getting great pics

2014-10-07 15.20.57

View of the White House.

2014-10-07 16.00.33

As I sat reading on a bench in the park next to the White House, I hear a horse’s whinny. I turn around and see a police officer on a horse clip-clop by down the street 😀


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