Now He Has Wings

Today is my Senior Pastor’s, Pastor Lee, birthday. He passed away on September 25, 2014, a little over a week ago. I’m missing him terribly, but I feel such peace knowing he is in a place where there is no more pain an suffering. He is happy, and so I am happy. This is a poem I wrote for him.

Love you, Pastor Lee.

Now He Has Wings

I once knew a man…

He had the heart of a king.

He lived nobly on earth,

But now, this man has wings.

I cannot forget

The warm, tender smiles

As he’d talk to you softly

And stay for a while

To see how all is

When the times weren’t best.

He’d tell you all is well

And remind you you’re blessed.

My heart never rose

As much as when

He’d tell me, “Good job!”

And smile again.

I was never small

In this tall man’s eyes.

I could do anything,

Even touch the skies.

This he believed

With all of his soul.

Even when I was broken,

He believed I was whole.

He was a soldier,

Ready with a gun and a Psalm,

Both in the walls of his home

And on the fields of Vietnam.

And on the fields of despair

He didn’t back down.

As John Wayne once said,

There ain’t room in this town,

Not for sickness or death

Or life-stealing wraiths.

There was only room for this man

And his undying faith.

The wise words he said

Sometimes left me stumped.

But I know his last words to me:

“Get ready to jump.”

He spoke them in a dream,

And perhaps I already knew

I have a purpose to fulfill;

There’s something I have to do.

I’m not afraid anymore.

I can answer the call,

Because this man helped me

Get over the wall.

And so, there he is,

Standing with the King

And soaring with the angels,

Because now he has wings.

By Catherine Joy


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