5 Things I am Anticipating in the Near Future

I wasn’t wrong about 2014 being a very eventful year. There’s still more to come before December 31st comes along, and here are five particular events I’m looking forward to/hoping for:

  1. Living in Virginia. For two months (October-December 5th) I will be living with my sister in Arlington, Virginia to basically be a part-time nanny for her newborn daughter while she focuses on medical school. The idea of living just minutes from Washington D.C. is so thrilling I can’t contain myself!
  2. Finishing draft 7 of Swordmaiden. Though it’s been a difficult endeavor, I am anticipating to finish that draft by the end of the year, and maybe even start querying.
  3. Advancing my editing and writing experience. In particular, I’m aiming to jump into freelance editing. It would be a great way to gain that experience, and not just in editing!
  4. Selling my crafts. With resources, I can possibly make that Etsy shop I’ve been dreaming of. 
  5. Compiling a short story collection. With the amount of stories I have now, with a little more I could have a pretty decent collection.

What are you looking forward to before the year ends?


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