Project Inspiration: A Hopeful Endeavor

A while back I had posted about an endeavor of purpose I decided to start, called Project Inspiration. It’s kind of a life-path I created in which I fulfill my purpose of being an encourager and inspirer. Obviously, that ranges a plethora of activity and deeds. This blog is part of that endeavor. Since I chose to make it a part of my life, I haven’t necessarily kept track of what I’ve done that would be categorized with it. I don’t want it to be a category thing; I want it to be a conscious part of my mind, where I’m always looking for and fully aware of those opportunities to encourage or inspire someone.

I do have one story. It’s small and maybe insignificant, but it meant something to me. During the work day last week I went to Walmart to get my brother some salad (he was in need of healthy food) and while I was at it I got myself a peach, one of my favorite fruits, and I hadn’t had a peach in a very long time. Basically, I was looking forward to this peach. On the way out of the parking lot at the exit turn, a man on the street stood. I had a brief battle in my mind going on: “Give him the peach. But I want the peach! I’m craving the peach! No, give him the peach.” As I pulled closer, I rolled down my window, called out to him, and gave him my peach.

He told me how much he loved fruit. He also said, “I am not owed anything, and I know that what I get is a gift from God.”

There it was. And you know, the feeling I got was overwhelming. As I drove away, I said to myself, “Golly, I want to do that again!”

The other day when I was feeling void of encouragement, I wondered why. Then I realized: it was because I hadn’t encouraged anyone lately. When I got to work the next morning I wrote a little sticky note letter of love and encouragement for my brother and left it on his desk.  Whether it made a difference to him or not, it uplifted me. Here’s why: God gave me the purpose to encourage and inspire, and when I act in that purpose, I am fulfilled and taken by joy. Those feelings I get all make sense.

This “Project Inspiration” is a hopeful endeavor of mine that I anticipate will affect others besides myself. Isn’t that what we’re all meant to do, when it comes down to it? Change others’ lives.


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