Future 15: Joy’s Journals

Hello readers!

Another new post theme: Future 15. For fifteen weeks on Tuesday, I’ll share about a future dream or goal I have, big or small. Oh, and they’ll be dreams and goals I haven’t made known to you yet, either in past posts, in my About page, or indirectly. So, here’s the first week.


Flowers and Twine design


Jeweled Flowers design


Bird Charms design


London design


Blue Jean “Ideas” design


3D Butterflies design


Fabric Applique design

I have a dream to have a personal side business selling journals designed by me called Joy’s Journals. Above are just a few of my creations I’ve made in the past. When I have a better financial standpoint, I’ll open an Etsy shop and likely do it online. I might expand my inventory by designing other crafty items, but journals will be my main brand. I love crafting and I want it to be a regular part of my life and this is a way I can not only make it a part of my life, but I share it with others and make some money too 😀


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