5 Healthy Distractions

More often than not, I need a distraction from woes and troubles that attempt to discourage me everyday. Sometimes these can be the only thing that keeps me going, depending on the kind of day. 

  1. Books! Honestly, what better educational distraction exists? I not only escape the world for a while, but I feel smarter, too.
  2. Volunteering at church. It’s been about four years now since I started volunteering in the media department, and I’ve really developed in skills. I’ve come to be quite a regular around church, doing almost anything and everything. And I love it. Besides giving me something to do, it boosts me up. Big time.
  3. Spending time with a friend who knows everything about me. My best friend knows more about me than any other person in my life, and she’s just the individual I can go to when I need to rant about something I cannot talk about with anyone else. 
  4. Writing! Can there be a better distraction? And considering how amazing it makes me feel, I wonder why I don’t write even more that I do now.
  5. Miyazaki films. Especially my favorite movie, Whisper of the Heart. When I particularly need an artistic boost, I’ll watch my guilty pleasure movies ^_^

What are some healthy (healthy!) distractions you indulge in?


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