Project Inspiration

I have come to discover that I love to inspire and motivate others. I absolutely love it. It makes me feel warm and joyful and peaceful and all those good feelings. And I’ve recently come to realize something quite obvious: perhaps this is my purpose. 

I often wonder why it is God gave me the gift of writing. I’ve always known that our ultimate duty in life is to share his love with others and show him love, and our different gifts are ways that we do that. I’ve deemed the world of writing and literature as my mission field, and the written word is the best way I communicate (so much better than verbal). I know now that God ordained writing as the way that I share his love and show him love. 

I also always wondered why doing things like making homemade gifts and giving motivational advice to others made me feel so high on happiness. I believe that certain activities make us feel that way because they were the activities God ordained for us to share his love through. Now it all makes sense. I feel so happy doing these things because they were what I was meant to do.

Just a few days ago I established for myself a personal life project, called Project InspirationIt’s ultimate purpose and goal? To go about inspiring and encouraging others, especially in the areas of pursuing their dreams and finding purpose. And I already have ideas of how I can do that, such as “Tokens of Inspiration,” crafty inspiring notes that are either regular or spontaneous, mass motivational text messages to my friends and family, inspirational messages on social media, etc. It doesn’t take a lot, and it doesn’t have to be flashy. 

I intend to take this project with me in my life journey, adding to it new ideas that can span a larger reach, like giving little gifts with notes to the homeless on the street, leaving gifts and notes for neighbors, sending flowers for the heck of it to a friend who needs a boost….there’s many ways I can show God’s love and inspire others. 

Why do I feel like doing this? Well, basically, I really want to. And I feel in my heart that I should, because it’s my purpose. I can’t wait to get started ^_^


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