5 (more) things I’ve learned about myself

There’s always more to learn! In the past couple of months these are a few new things I’ve learned about myself:

  1. I’m very ambitious. Ideas just fly through my head, and I’m always thinking of new things I could do or should attempt. I love this about me. Others have told me that they notice I’m always going after something, and I hope to be an inspiration to them in this way.
  2. I’m great at creative planning, but terrible at executing. My role in big projects (or really in anything) is the planning and creating process, when I can be creative and imaginative and not have any here-and-now pressure pressing on me. That’s where I’m strong. I’m weak in the execution, or when I have to take charge. I create it, and then I pass it on to someone who is strong in leading.
  3. I’m a romantic thinker. I guess it comes with being a writer. I’m always daydreaming about anything and everything, and they often are dramatic and flamboyant and seem to belong in a movie.
  4. I have a subconscious preference for all things natural. And not just in food. In everything. I’ve come to notice that I will habitually snub my nose at something that’s not natural and reach for something that is. I don’t mind this trait at all.
  5. I (may) have become halfway vegetarian. By halfway I mean I’ve given up on some meats but not all. All I can eat now without getting a headache and feeling sick is chicken and fish, and occasionally turkey. I don’t really mind this. I do not feel like I’m missing out on anything in any way.

I wonder what new discoveries of myself I will make in the future?


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