5 Traits of successful people I want to implement in my life

It’s one thing to read about what successful people do to make themselves successful, it’s another thing to do it yourself. There’s five particular traits about them that I want to make real in my own life:

  1. They are not limited by their resources. Successful people don’t care if they don’t have the money, time, source, skill, etc. They figure out how to make it happen without it.
  2. They say no. They’re not carpets. They understand the importance of choosing what to spend their time doing.
  3. They concentrate on a single entity. They attention and focus is not spread out or “general.” They’re specific with their energy.
  4. They’re a fighter. They don’t back down from every conflict. They’re no pansy.
  5. They’re not afraid to be a little pushy. Persistence was what won most successful people their achievements, and sometimes that persistence involved others. Assertiveness is ideal.

There are other traits of successful people that are keen to note, but these five in particular are traits that I feel can benefit me when considering my weaknesses and areas of growth. What are some traits of successful people do you want to make a part of your life?


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