5 Small things that make my heart soar

Many times we forget to see the beauty in the ordinary things that cross our paths everyday. Most are insignificant to us because they don’t have much of an effect, and that’s alright. We don’t have to be excited about everything. But there’s always little random things we do notice every time because they do have an effect. These small things make my heart go aflutter.

  1. Flowers. Even more when receiving them. I cannot go to the grocery store without finding myself staring at the darling little things. I literally glow in their presence.
  2. Wind. I have an abounding imagination, and it always seems to be awakened by a breeze.
  3. Raspberries. Of course a food item would make it on the list. I love raspberries!
  4. Hugs. As a very touchy person, hugs are a big deal to me. I always feel mentally refreshed after a much anticipated hug.
  5. Dressing up. I’m such a girl, and I don’t care. I get excited if I get to dress up and look pretty!

What small, random things make your heart soar?


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