5 Changes in the air

Perhaps it’s been noticed that I’ve been a little…disconnected. Partly my fault. My one yet frustrating class has ended, textbooks have been returned, and summer classes have been registered. I can forget about school for a little while. Summer has begun, and that means change is in the air. A few things have been occurring, good and wonderful enough things.

  1. I am finished with my internship at 3 or Less. I feel like making it ceremonial and taking a deep freeing breath when I walk out. It was a fun and educational experience that I don’t regret, as it taught me many valuable things. I’m just very eager to move on and expand myself.
  2. I’m starting a virtual internship with NCM Publishing as an Editing intern. I’ll be editing manuscripts! This is one of the things I discovered recently: I love to edit writing. I’m very good at it too, so why not? I’m excited to learn editing and become more professional with it.
  3. I’m getting involved with the youth at my church. With my brother as the youth pastor I became more and more interested in being a part of something like it. I realized that some of my gifts and passions could be used and explored with this. Now that the scare has passed, I think I’m rather eager to grow my leadership skills. The growing and learning part is one of the things I feel most excited about, in fact.
  4. I applied for a job at a new cafe opening nearby, and I will be pursuing after it. I don’t why, but ever since I first found it on snagajob.com I kept going back to it; it fascinated me. Perhaps it’s a spirit thing that makes me want to try it out. That’s what I’m doing it for, to try it out. I want to try something new, put myself outside of the box, in the unordinary. I don’t know. All I know is recently I’ve had a sudden urge to just explore new things.
  5. I am a hooked Whovian. I just watched the infamous Doomsday episode and, yes, I cried. Not too hard, because I had to leave in about twenty minutes, and it wouldn’t do to show up anywhere blubbering like a silly fangirl. I never thought I’d get attached to Rose as much as I did, but it was inevitable. Yes, I am officially hooked on Doctor Who.

I’m sure more change is to happen. When 2014 started I had the feeling that it would be a year of difference and new things, and that feeling has not wavered. I’m ready.


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